Product Specification Sheet APS620

Rev. 09/2019

CP001B Amplifier Tester for PK543 / PK543A Amplifier(s)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Amplifier Tester(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model CP001B or approved equal. Tester shall work with the PK543 or newer model PK543A or newest IA543 model and shall be able to test the TALK, LISTEN, DOOR, STEADY TONE, and WARBLE TONE functions, as well as the DOOR DELAY timing (if needed), and VOICE and TONE volume controls. CP001B shall operate off of the included 16VAC plug-in transformer and shall have a plug-in wiring harness to connect to the amplifier that needs testing, as well as a remote intercom station (model OR202T). A 'Power On' LED shall indicate that the CP001B has operating power.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

CP001B Amplifier Tester for PK543 / PK543A / IA543

The Alpha Communications® CP001B Amplifier Tester makes testing the basic functions of the PK543 and newer model PK543A or IA543 amplifier(s) quick and easy. The CP001B can be used as a 'bench' tester and is even portable enough to test amplifiers in the 'field'. The CP001B simply plugs into a standard 117VAC electrical outlet (using the provided 16VAC plug-in transformer), and the amplifier plugs into the CP001B tester.

The CP001B can test the PK543 / PK543A / IA543 for TALK, LISTEN, DOOR, STEADY TONE and WARBLE TONE functions, as well as the DOOR DELAY timing (if needed), and VOICE and TONE volume controls.

Testing takes seconds and a convenient 'POWER ON' LED assures that the tester has operating power.

  • Power On LED indicator
  • Can be used on the 'bench' or in the 'field'
  • Simple plug-in power and plug-in amplifier wiring harness
  • Easy to use
  • Tests basic PK543 / PK543A / IA543 functions
  • Lightweight and portable
Tester Includes
  • Model SS105B 16VAC Plug-in Transformer
  • Model OR202T Remote Intercom Speaker
  • Model CT543A Amplifier Wiring Harness
  • Model IH400AF Plastic Desk Housing
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