Product Specification Sheet APS619

Rev. 09/2019

SF101T AlphaTeller™ Teller Call Station

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Teller Call Station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® AlphaTeller™ model SF101T or approved equal, and shall include an integral "CALL-PLACED" LED, a "CALL-PLACED" button, and a "CANCEL" button. A call will be registered at the associated LI381T dome light and the station's CALL-PLACED" LED will light. All electronic components needed for these features shall be mounted on a printed circuit board and all station components shall be mounted an a rugged ABS plastic faceplate. The station(s) shall be installed in a single gang ring with square box. Pigtail connectors shall be provided for connections.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

SF101T AlphaTellerâ„¢ Teller Call Station

The Alpha Communications® SF101T AlphaTeller™ Teller Call Station incorporates simple push button operation of Call and Cancel functions. A Call is registered on the LI381T dome light (by visible light and buzzer sound) when the CALL-PLACED switch with integral "CALL-PLACED" LED is pushed. The bulb in the LI381T will light and stay lighted until the call is cancelled at the SF101T station. The piezo buzzer in the LI381T will sound for as long as the CALL-PLACED button is depressed on the SF101T station. The "CALL-PLACED" LED is also illuminated. Calls are cancelled simply by depressing the "CANCEL" button mounted on a rugged ABS plastic faceplate. The "CALL-PLACED" LED will also be extinguished, as will the light in the associated LI381T dome light.

  • Simple, push button calling
  • Call-placed indicator
  • Call-reset push button
  • Call activates lamp on dome light
  • Flame retardant type ABS plastic faceplate

Dimensions: Height: 4.50" (114mm)
Width: 2.75" (69mm)
Depth: 1.75" (44mm)
Projects: 0.44" (11mm) from mounting surface
Mounting: Steel City #52171 box with Steel City #52C14 plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model IH358 box with IH357 ring, or EXACT EQUAL. Vertical mount.
Construction: Flame retardant type ABS plastic faceplate. Switches and electronic components are circuit board mounted.
Pigtail connectors.
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