Product Specification Sheet APS606

Rev. 10/2017

RSS404 AlphaStatus™ Remote Room Status Indicating Station

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 4 button AlphaStatus™ room station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model RSS404 or approved equivalent. The 4 button AlphaStatus™ room station(s) shall consist of four (4) locking push-button switches.

The colors associated with these switches shall be the same as the four (4) colors used on the associated CDL104LED dome lights for the room status system. The designated colors are "RED", "WHITE", "YELLOW", and "GREEN". Depressing any of the buttons shall cause the switch center to change from Black to Red color, as well as the corresponding dome light. Power to operate the RSS404 AlphaStatus™ room station(s) and associated dome light(s), and optional master station(s) shall come from the PSR-24/6 central power supply unit(s). Reliable components shall be mounted on an attractive polycarbonate White 2-gang plastic faceplate. Screw terminal connectors shall be provided for wire connections.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

RSS404 (4 Button) AlphaStatus™ Room Station

The Alpha Communications® RSS404 provides locking push-button registration (of 4 different colors) of the room status to the CDL104LED corridor dome light(s), on an Alpha-Status™ room status system. When an optional master station is used, the status registered by each RSS404 will also be displayed at the master station(s) and other indicators based on the system configuration. 

Emergency signaling from each room location can be accomplished with the addition of an optional model SF119/2A Emergency Pull Cord station (and some additional system components).

  • Button center changes from Black to Red for status indication
  • Corresponding push-button colors to those of the dome light(s) and optional Master Stations LEDs.
  • Attractive, polycarbonate White 2-gang plastic faceplate
Dimensions: Height: 4.63" (118mm) 
Width: 4.75" (121mm) 
Depth: 1.50" (38mm) 
Projects: .63" (17mm) from mounting surface
Construction: Attractive polycarbonate White plastic faceplate. Switches are circuit board mounted.
Connections: Wire pigtail connectors
Standard 2-gang electrical back box or plaster ring
Switches: Four (4) locking room status switches.
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