Product Specification Sheet APS603

Rev. 08/2017

TX125-ENC AlphaPage Pocket Paging Transmitter


RF Power Output: 2 Watts/5 Watts, programmable
Modulation Type:
F3D, F3E
Signal Format:
POCSAG, 512 or 1200 baud
Power Supply:
12VDC, 3A
Dimensions: 3.70" H x 2.50" W x 1.10" H
Weight: 0.4 Lbs.
Frequency Error: +/- 3PPM
Spurious Response Rejection 70dB
RF Connector: BNC/50 ohm (female)
Mounting: Surface wall/via 4 keyholes
TX125-ENC AlphaPage™ Pocket Paging Transmitter

AlphaPage™ alphanumeric pocket paging systems from Alpha Communications® use the TX125-ENC paging transmitter. The TX125-ENC transmits a UHF (450-470 MHz, programmable, synthesized frequency) paging signal in the POCSAG format. POCSAG baud rates are 512/1200. RF power output is programmable to 2W or 5W. Paging range depends on building construction. Range can exceed two (2) miles (line of site). The transmitter contains a carrier detection receiver. Multiple transmitters on the same frequency can be used on a site. Each transmitter will wait until the frequency/channel is clear before transmitting. No pager database programming of the TX125-ENC is required. The MLS processor boards and/or PC software attached to the TX125-ENC provide all programming. A unity gain flexible antenna with BNC connector is included that connects directly to the transmitter. The front panel contains two (2) LED indicators (for power and data transmit). A regulated DC power supply is also included.

When used with the AlphaPage™ alphanumeric pocket paging system, AlphaEcall™ 100 series, or AlphaLINQ™ 100 series each TX125-ENC also requires the following components; 2- MLS-485 Network Controllers, 1- PTIP-MOD-3 Adapter, 1- DB9-MOD6-1 Adapter and 1- MLS-MOD6-3 Modular cable.

When used with the AlphaEcall™ 200 series or the AlphaEntry™ series systems, each TX125-ENC also requires 1- CA-USBSERV10 serial to USB cable.

PGR-AL924 Pocket Pager

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