Product Specification Sheet APS591

Rev. 07/2013

SF401G (Single) Geriatric/Oxygen Call Cords

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The call cord(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model SF401G or approved equal. Model SF401G shall include a single squeeze bulb for call origination. 

The call cord shall permit simple call origination and shall be acceptable for use in Oxygen, Geriatric or general applications. 

The momentary contact, air-operated switch shall be built into the plug and shall be activated by a slight pressure to the squeeze bulb. A 6' (1.83m) long vinyl tube shall connect the squeeze bulb to the stainless steel plug. A stainless steel bed clamp shall be permanently affixed to the call cord, but shall be adjustable along the length of the cord. An integral 8-pin 'DIN' type connector shall be provided.

SF401G Geriatric Call Cords with 8-Pin 'DIN' type Plugs

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone SF401G Call Cord is for use with the NC300 and NC300II nurse-call systems where an 8-pin 'DIN' type jack is used at the patient bed station(s). Typically they are used with the IR319B and/or IR320B patient stations.

The SF401G Call Cord is specifically designed for use in Geriatric and Oxygen environments, but may also be used in general applications. To place a call, the patient need only apply slight pressure to the squeeze bulb using any part of the body. The force of air through the vinyl tubing closes a switch in the plug, thus placing a call. An adjustable bed clip is supplied for the SF401G and is attached to the call cord.

  • Sensitive touch activation
  • Oxygen tent safe
  • Ideal for Geriatric use
  • Momentary, air-activated switch
  • Adjustable bed clip included
  • Simple operation

Momentary contact, air activated


Stainless Steel 8-pin DIN

Cord: Vinyl tubing
Electrical: Rated current 1/3 amp, 24 VAC-VDC

Cord: 6' long (1.83m)
Bulb: 1.5" diameter (38mm)

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