Product Specification Sheet APS579

Rev. 07/2013

108082 Specialty Call Cord Device (Twitch Switch)

Model 108082 Control Unit shown
Model 108082 shown affixed to forehead (for typical use)
Twitch Switch Specialty Call Cord Device

The Alpha Communications® Twitch Switch specialty call cord device is used primarily with patients or residents that are unable to use their hands, body or head to place a call, using a conventional type call cord. The Twitch Switch can be used with a variety of nurse-call patient stations, utilizing a standard 1/4" phono plug type jack. 

The Twitch Switch is activated by small muscle movement, such as wrinkling the forehead or raising an eyebrow. It can be easily adjusted to increase or decrease the amount of muscle movement needed to activate it. The Twitch Switch operates in three modes; latching, momentary and timed. Use the latching mode when operating a device that needs to remain on until the user wants to turn it off, the momentary mode when operating a toy, computer or communication device and the timed mode when operating a device that you want to stay on for a pre-set period of time (adjustable from 2 to 40 seconds). 

The Twitch Switch is affixed to the head by inexpensive medical tape (provided by others).

  • Operates on 9VDC battery (not included)
  • Requires only a small muscle movement to activate
  • Latching, Momentary and Timed modes
  • Standard 1/4" (momentary) Phono Plug output
  • Adjustable sensitivity (for fewer false alarms)
Options Available
109453:  Replacement switch/pad cable assembly

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Specialty Call Cord device(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model# 108082 Twitch Switch or approved equal. The call cord output shall be a standard 1/4" phono plug type. Twitch Switch shall be activated by a slight muscle movement, and movement sensitivity shall be adjustable (for fewer false alarms). Twitch Switch shall have 3 modes; latching, momentary, and timed, and shall operate from a 9VDC battery (not included). activation of the Twitch Switch shall provide a 'dry' contact closure, and shall connect to customer's call system equipment. The Twitch Switch is not U.L. Listed.

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