Product Specification Sheet APS552

Rev. 07/2013

Modular Series Door Stations (S.T.R.™)

Typical Modular Panel shown with built-in
Camera, Speaker/Microphone and a Single
Oversized Call Button - Shown in Titanium Finish

Modular Series Door Stations

The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ modular series door entry stations are the newest design in flexible and attractive door stations. 

You can choose from a variety of snap-in modules ; Black and White or Color Cameras, Speaker/Microphones, Call Pushbuttons, Motion Sensors,Keypads, Access Controls, Key switches, Prox. Readers, Information Modules, Black Modules, and more. 

All Alpha Communications®/S.T.R.™ modular series door entry stations are available in three (3) finishes; Titanium (suffix-T), White (suffix-W) or Brown (suffix-B), and all are available in flush or surface mounting. 

There are no visible mounting screws or mounting hardware of any type, visible from the front, and most modules can be illuminated with the built-in LEDs, to allow viewing at night or in dark lobbies or vestibules. Most wired modules have built-in plug-in wiring harnesses for easy and neat installation. All Alpha Communications®/S.T.R.™ modular series door entry stations can be used indoors or directly outdoors, and all enhance any building decor. 

Recommended mounting height to center of camera lens is approx. 5 feet (1.55 meters) from finished floor. 

To service the modular series panel(s), once installed, use the model 13510 key / tool unit.

Model 13510  Key / Tool

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