Product Specification Sheet APS546

Rev. 07/2013

SF401A and SF401/10 Single Call Cords (DIN type)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Call cord switches shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model SF401A or SF401A/10 or SF401A/15 or SF401A/20 or approved equal. All models shall provide for one molded push button. 

The momentary-contact push button cord set(s) shall be encased in a molded, shock-proof plastic shell and connected to a 7' (2.13m) long polyvinyl covered cord with an integral 8-pin 'DIN' type connector (for the SF401A) or a 10' (3.04m) long cord)for the SF401A/10) or a 15' (4.56m) long cord)for the SF401A/15 or a 20' (6.08m) long cord)for the SF401A/20). 

The SF401A, SF401A/10, SF401A/15 and SF401A/20 shall be UL 1069 listed to the latest 4th Edition.

SF401A and SF401A/10 and SF401A/15 and SF401A/20 Call Cords with 8-Pin 'DIN' type Plugs

 The Alpha Communications® / TekTone SF401A (7 foot) and SF401A/10 (10 foot) and SF401A/15 (15 foot) single and SF401A/20 (20 foot) call cords are for use with the NC300, NC300II and TC400 nurse-call systems where an 8-pin 'DIN' type jack is used at the patient bed station(s). Typically they are used with the IR319B, IR320B, IR411IR411EPB, IR412, and IR412EPB or similar patient stations. 

Model SF401A (and SF401A/10 and SF401A/15 and SF401A/20) call cords provide for call placement to the system master station(s) and may be used in applications where a pillow speaker type call cord is not desired or where changing bedside stations to a conventional phono plug type jack is not feasible. A bed clip is included with each cord.

  • UL 1069 Listed - 4th Edition standards
  • SPST1-A switch
  • Integral brass, fine silver contacts
  • 500 mA, 50 watt max., AC
  • Dirt and dust protection
  • Small, lightweight pendant fits comfortably in hand
  • 7' (2.13m) long polyvinyl-covered cord (SF401A)
  • 10' (3.04m) long polyvinyl-covered cord (SF401A/10)
  • 15' (4.56m) long polyvinyl-covered cord (SF401A/15)
  • 20' (6.08m) long polyvinyl-covered cord (SF401A/20)
  • Simple push button operation
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