Product Specification Sheet APS545

Rev. 07/2013

IR319B Single Bed & IR320B Double Bed Patient Station

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Patient Station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Tektone IR319B, IR320B, or approved equal. Stations, and wiring from the Central Processing Equipment (CPE) to stations, shall be fully supervised. The patient station(s) shall include solid state. LSI/microprocessor technology, yellow call-placed indicator(s), and combination red in-use indicators and reset buttons. Single patient station(s) shall include one 8-pin 'Din' type jack receptacle for patient's call cord. Dual patient station(s) shall include two (2) 8-pin 'Din' type jack receptacles. 

The station(s) shall use a 2.50" x 2.50" speaker/microphone for accurate voice reproduction. Removal of the call cord from the receptacle shall result in placing a call with the indication of 'CORD OUT' at the master station video monitor. The call can be reset only by replacing the call cord in its receptacle. 

All stations components shall be mounted on an attractive flame retardant ABS white plastic faceplate. Connections shall be plug-in type. 

The IR319B/IR320B shall be UL 1069 listed to the latest 4th Edition Standards.

IR319B Single Bed Patient Station

The IR319B Single Patient Station provides reliable two way, hands-free communication between patient and nurse, and provides for programmable privacy, paging, and patient priority from the master station. 

Calling the nurse is accomplished by pressing the area indicated "NURSE" on the pillow speaker or by depressing the button on the call cord. Solid-state LED lamps on the faceplate indicate the call has been placed and when the intercom is in use. 

If the pillow speaker or call cord is accidentally removed from its receptacle, the nurse master station video monitor register a noncancelable call with "CORD OUT" indication. The call may be reset only by returning the call cord or pillow speaker to its receptacle. The pillow speaker also provides the patient with television controls (depending upon pillow speaker being used).

IR320B Dual Bed Patient Station
The IR320B Dual-Patient Station has the same specifications and functions as the IR319B, with the additions of one additional call cord/pillow receptacle that operates independently, and one additional call-placed indicator.
  • U.L. 1069 Listed, 4th Edition Standards
  • Supervised
  • Solid-state multiplex circuitry
  • All stations interchangeable
  • Simplified multiplex wiring using plug-in type connectors
  • Attractive flame retardant ABS plastic faceplate
  • Optional pillow speaker modules (PM311C/PM312C available for two-way voice communication through pillow speakers with the intercom option)
  • Improved tactile feel RESET button
  • Input available for Hill Rom® Sidecom® bed(s) or remote callin button applications
  • 8-pin 'Din' type jack receptacle(s) for pillow speaker(s) or patients' call cord(s)

Height: 4.50" (119mm)  
Width: 6.38" (162mm)  
Depth: 2.75" (70mm)  
Projects: 0.50" (12.7mm) above mounting surface

Attractive, flame retardant ABS plastic
Light texture, fog white color
2.50" x 2.50" (64mm x 64mm)
Plug-in type
Steel City #H3BD box with Steel City #3GC plaster ring, or Alpha Communications® Model IH353 box with IH352 ring, or EXACT EQUAL. Horizontal mount.
Multiplex (use #WM300 or WM300B cable)
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