Product Specification Sheet APS544

Rev. 07/2013

EMDB1 Series Keypad Modules (For modular door stations)

EMDB1W (Shown in White)

EMDB1 Series Keypad Module for Modular Series Door Stations

The EMDB1 series keypad modules are designed to be used with Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ modular series door entry stations. When used in conjunction with the DB1 series display module, the EMDB1 enables a building visitor to easily find and dial an apartment code number. 

All EMDB1 keypad modules feature LED illumination and plug-in connector for easy wiring. 

Each system utilizing the EMDB1 keypad module requires a model BRA receiver board, model BRK16 16-station selector relay(s) and the associates NTR211 and NTR201 power supplies. 

All EMDB1 keypad modules and are available in three (3) finishes; Titanium (suffix-T), White (suffix-W) or Brown (suffix-B). 

All EMDB1 keypad modules are 3.94"w x 3.94"h (100mm x 100mm), and are made to snap into the MT series modular panel trim frame(s). 

To service the EMDB1 series display modules, once installed, use the model 13510 key/tool unit.


Keypad module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ EMDB1 series or approved equal. Keypad module(s) shall snap into the corresponding MT series modular panel frame(s). 

Keypad module(s) shall be finished in Titanium (suffix-T), White (suffix-W) or Brown (suffix-B), and shall feature LED illumination and plug-in connector for easy wiring. The EMDB1 model shall be used in conjunction with the DB1 alphabetical display module, BRA receiver board and BRK16 16-station relay card(s), and associated power supplies. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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