Product Specification Sheet APS542

Rev. 07/2013

VH30C-2D Color ReliaBUS™ Video-Intercom Monitors

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The COLOvideo-intercom monitor station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ VH30C-2D ReliaBUS™ type or approved equal. Monitor(s) shall be mounted surface (or desktop using optional model TZ30WH adapter). Monitor(s) shall include a high quality 4.0" COLOLCD flat screen (measured diagonally). Monitors using mirrors or other non-flat type screens shall not be acceptable. Monitor(s) shall feature front mounted controls for brightness, contrast and hue saturation, and shall not require coaxial cabling. Monitor handset shall feature electret condenser microphone for exceptional voice fidelity. Handsets that include carbon transmitter or other voice technologies shall not be acceptable. Handset(s) shall have a textured finish and flexible coiled cord. Handset(s) shall include a door release (KEY SYMBOL) push button. Push button shall be clearly visible and shall be marked in a different color. Handset(s) shall include an electronic tone signal from entry station and shall feature private conversation, when called from an entry station. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

VH30CNC COLOR 'NoCoax' Video-Intercom Monitors

The Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ VH30C-2D (apartment house) series ReliaBUS™ COLOmonitors are designed to meet virtually any requirement for video-intercom security where it is impractical or too costly to run Coaxial and/or selective 'ring' (point) wires. The VH30C-2D is normally used in larger multi-unit buildings, but can be used in smaller buildings as well. 

These attractive monitors are conveniently surface mounted right on the wall. Monitors can be changed to desk mount with the addition of a model TZ30 series desk adapter

All VH30C-2D series ReliaBUS™ monitors feature a crystal clear 4.0" COLOLCD screen monitor (measured diagonally), textured finish handset (to minimize scratches and fingerprints), electronic tone signalling, flexible coiled cord and momentary door release (key symbol) push button switch. 

All VH30C-2D series ReliaBUS™ monitors use simple 6- conductor parallel (loop) wiring for all risers, without any riser coaxial cable. No Selective 'ring' (point) wires are needed.

  • 4.0" (diagonal) Crystal Clear COLOLCD screen monitor
  • Convenient Duplex Voice Operation (fully private)
  • Simple parallel (loop) wiring - No Coax Riser Wiring!
  • Easy Installation (surface or desk)
  • Clear Voice Fidelity using Electret Condenser Microphones
  • Rugged and Reliable. Simple to Operate
  • Monitor portion features quick disconnect wire harnesses
  • Low profile flush monitor protrudes only 3.625" from wall
  • Monitors feature front-mounted Brightness/ Contrast/ Hue Saturation controls

All VH30C-2D series monitors are 9.50"W (242mm) x 8.75"H (223mm) x 3.625"D (93mm). All dimensions shown are outside dimensions for the surface type monitor+handset, less the coiled cord.

50mm round, 45 ohms, Model HK1.
Electret Condenser Type Model MK1-95.
Push Buttons:
(1) with Door Opener (KEY) symbol and (1) spare (Dot).
Flush Back Box:
Model VBB. 7.13"W (182mm) x 4.38"H (112mm) x 2.75"D (70mm) wall opening. OPTIONAL. May be used for rough-ins.
Desk Adaptor:
Model TZ30WH (White). Use in addition to the monitor unit. OPTIONAL.

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