Product Specification Sheet APS533

Rev. 07/2013

GD591 Handset for AA903 Master Station

  • Simple wiring
  • For indoor use
  • Surface Mount - no backbox needed
  • Simple to install
GD591 Handset for AA903 Master Station

The GD591 Handset is designed to be used in conjunction with the AA903 master intercom station, and RM5000EX or CB901EX intercom systems. 

The spiral cord for the K-style handset is a standard 4-wire type with modular connectors. A magnetic operated hook-switch design is used. The GD591 handset is designed for surface wall mounting and a backbox is not needed. 

When the handset is in the cradle, the master station is in hands-free mode, using the microphone and speaker on the master station. 

When the handset is lifted during a call, the speaker/ microphone on the master station is disconnected and the handset is used for confidential conversation. 

When the handset is placed back on the cradle, the call is automatically cancelled.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The handset(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Ring model GD591 or approved equivalent, and shall be used in conjunction with the AA903 master intercom station(s). Handset(s) shall be K-style, and feature a standard 4-conductor coiled cord with modular connectors. Handset(s) shall be Black plastic and shall be surface mount type, requiring no backbox for mounting. 

Handset(s) shall be used with the RM5000EX or CB901EX series microprocessor intercom systems. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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