Product Specification Sheet APS523

Rev. 06/2018

APG Series Surface Housings (For modular door stations)

APG1T (Titanium-shown)

APG6/2W (White-shown)

APG Series Surface Housings for Modular Series Door Stations

The APG surface housings are designed to be used with the Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ modular series door entry stations and system annunciators. There are seven (7) configurations available in single and double-width varieties. The APG housings are designed to be used in conjunction with the MT series Modular Frame(s). For larger configurations, multiple APG housings and MT frames may be mounted alongside each other. The APG surface housings are available in three (3) finishes to match the MT frame finishes; Titanium (suffix-T), White (suffix-W) or Brown (suffix-B). 

The APG housings have built-in stand-offs to allow mounting of the individual modular snap-in component's PC boards, for easy and neat system wiring. 

See chart below for reference of sizes/types and configurations available.

Model# # of Modules Height  Width Depth**
 APG1*  1W x 1H  5.67"   5.12"  1.00"
 APG2*  1W x 2H  9.60"  5.12"  1.00"
 APG3*  1W x 3H  13.55"   5.12" 1.00"
APG4*  1W x 4H 17.50"  5.12"  1.00"
 APG4/2*  2W x 2H  9.60"   9.06"   1.00"
 APG6/2*  2W x 3H  13.55"  9.06"   1.00"
 APG8/2*  2W x 4H  17.50"   9.06"   1.00"

*Titanium (suffix-T), White (suffix-W) or Brown (suffix-B). 

**Depth indicates size from front to back of frame only, not including the APG series housing and/or snap-in module(s) included.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Surface housing(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / S.T.R.™ APG series or approved equal. Surface housing(s) shall be modular type and shall be used in conjunction with the proper MT series modular panel frame(s). The APG housing(s) shall contain built-in stand-offs to to allow mounting of the individual modular snap-in component's PC boards, for easy and neat system wiring. 

APG housing(s) shall be made of durable cast aluminum and shall be finished in Titanium (suffix-T), White (suffix-W) or Brown (suffix-B), and shall surface mount onto the finished wall. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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