Product Specification Sheet APS494

Rev. 07/2013

DAD104 Digital Annunciator Display Module (Crisis Alert Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Digital Annunciator Display Module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Ring model DAD104 or approved equivalent, and shall be used as part of the Crisis Alert System. Unit(s) shall feature 4- 12 digit alphanumeric message displays, and built-in 24 hour format clock. Unit(s) shall be supervised and shall provide for 100% queuing of incoming calls. Unit(s) shall require simple home-run wiring. Unit(s) shall be flush or surface wall mounted or desk mounted, using the appropriate backbox/housing. Unit(s) shall be used with the BBF863 (flush backbox) or BBS863 (surface back box) or BBD905 (desk adapter).

Unit(s) shall provide a contact closure to drive other external devices at other locations (i.e. strobes, louder buzzers, etc.).

Unit(s) shall be used with the RM5000EX and/or CB901EX series microprocessor intercom systems.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

DAD104 Digital Annunciator Display Module

The DAD104 Digital Annunciator Display Module is part of the Ring Crisis Alert System. This system provides for supervised lines from remote locations that are capable of being programmed to annunciate a twelve (12) character alphanumeric message and also show four (4) simultaneous call in the display at one time. All other calls are kept in queue and can be retrieved in any order, by scrolling up or down. The DAD104 will display the queue of calls in a priority order from any of the eight (8) programmable call-in levels. The DAD104 shall also provide a clock that will display military time (24 hour format) down to one second. The DAD104 is designed to mount into the model BBF863 (flush) or BBS863 (surface) back box or BBD905 (desk adapter). 

The DAD104 module provides a contact closure to drive other external devices at other locations (i.e. strobes, louder buzzers, etc.). The wiring is terminated on positive screw terminals.

The DAD104 station is designed to work with the RM5000EX and/or CB901EX series microprocessor intercom systems.

  • Supervised Circuitry
  • Four (4) - Twelve (12) character alphanumeric messages
  • Eight (8) programmable call-in levels
  • Built-in 24-Hour Format Clock
  • Can be flush, surface or desk mounted (with appropriate housing/adaptor)
  • 100% Queueing of incoming calls

Dimensions: Width: 5.50" (140mm)
Height: 10.00" (254mm)
Depth: 0.25" (7mm) faceplate
Operating Voltage:
8-18V DC 
Power Consumption:
8 Bit CMOS 
CPU Clock:
8 MHz 
E Prom:
8 Kbytes 
16 Kbytes
Network Communication:
Cable Requirements:
1 Pair Data, 1 Pair Power
Positive Screw Terminals
Mounting: BBF863 Flush Backbox -or-
BBS863 Surface Backbox -or-
BBD905 Desk Adapter

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