Product Specification Sheet APS491

Rev. 07/2013

NC364A Wireless Telephone Interface (NC300II Series)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The wireless telephone system (WTS) interface shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC364A or approved equal. The WTS interface shall connect one (1) to three (3) analog telephone lines, or a combination of analog and wireless telephone systems, with the NC300II nurse-call system. The interface shall be able to operate without the presence of, or interconnection to, a phone switch or PBX system.

When directed, the WTS interface shall capture an audio and data communications path to establish audio between a patient or staff station and the wireless or analog telephone. It shall then be possible to execute functions normally available via the nursecall master station. While WTS audio is active on an interface that is connected in line with a master station, the master station cannot use audio.

The WTS interface shall be modular in design to provide increased system capacity, as required by the nurse-call system. There shall be three (3) subscriber loop circuits and a fourth port to allow connection to a PBX telephone system. The WTS interface shall provide electrical isolation between itself and the nurse-call system. The connection between the master station and the WTS interface shall be supervised, resulting in an alarm tone at the central equipment and master stations if a problem should arise.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

NC364A Telephone Interface

The Alpha Communication® / TekTone NC364A provides an interface to a wireless telephone system (WTS) and/or analog telephone lines for the NC300II microprocessor Nurse Call System. Using the NC364A, wireless or analog phones can perform most master station functions, allowing staff to move about a facility while still responding to incoming calls and initiating outgoing calls to patient rooms via the nurse call system's audio. The NC364A includes one (1) audio path; add one (1) to three (3) PM364A Telephone Interface Modules to increase capacity up to four (4) simultaneous audio paths.

The NC364A WTS Interface does not require an interface to, or the presence of, a phone switch or PBX for the system to operate. The NC364A provides for three (3) standard Subscriber Loop Interface Circuits for direct connection to the WTS or to any telephone, and a fourth port for connection to a telephone system that supports ring detection. All four (4) ports support DTMF decoding and encoding, call progress tones and a recorded menu option.

Standard analog and PBX telephones accomplish nurse call functions using a voice prompt menu. When using SpectraLink wireless telephones, nurse call functions are displayed on the wireless telephone's LCD display. The NC364A support, at a minimum, the following nurse-call functions:

  • Answer Incoming Calls
  • Place calls to patient stations or other master stations
  • Initiate and cancel requests for Nurse/Aide/Stat
  • Zone or system audio paging
  • Programmable dial out features
  • Ring type varies with call priority
Dimensions: Height: 18.50" (470mm)
Width: 15.50" (394mm)
Depth: 4.50" (115mm)
Power Input:
115V, 60Hz to transformer

Required Components
  • NC300II Nurse-Call System
  • NC304 or NC304LCD Master Station(s)
  • SpectraLink 150 Model 2 Wireless Phone system
    • -or- SpectraLink Link 3000
    • -or- analog telephones

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