Product Specification Sheet APS478

Rev. 03/2016

SN Series Area of Rescue Assistance (or Refuge) Signage

SN-B / SN-E Series Dimensions

Lighted Room Identification Signs

Now with LED's - eliminating bulb replacement!

SN-B / SN-E Series Dimensions
Width: 13.75" (350mm)
Height: 9.50" (242mm)
Depth: 1.70" (44mm)

SN-B Series (with Battery Back-up)

Model SN-B42S (shown) 

120VAC or 277VAC input with battery back-up, plastic illuminated (red with reflex blue lettering) sign. Rechargable battery included. Mounting options include ceiling (top), wall (back), or wall (side). SN-B42S (single sided). SN-B42D (double sided). Both models feature 'pop-out' directional arrows.

The SN-B42S Area of Rescue Assistance Sign features photoluminescent technology. After 30 minutes of exposure to normal ambient light (54 lux), the sign is fully charged and will glow for a full hour. This sign comes with a battery backup, for extended visibility in case of an emergency. This photoluminescent sign is compliant with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and all national building codes. This is a one sided sign, which can be mounted in a ceiling (top) or wall (back or side).

SN-E Series (no Battery Back-up)

120VAC or 277VAC input plastic illuminated (red with reflex blue lettering) sign. Mounting options include ceiling (top), wall (back), or wall (side). SN-E42S (single sided). SN-E42D (double sided). Both models feature 'pop-out' directional arrows.

Instruction Signs

SN-C48 Series 
8.00"w (204mm) x 8.00"h (204mm)

White Plastic with Black imprint. Utilizes photoluminescent technology. Energy from normal ambient light is stored in the sign and it will glow in complete darkness. Mounts adjacent to Remote Call Box stations. Mounted via double-faced tape (attached).

Rescue Assistance Signage: SN-P Series - Direction and Location Signs

SN-P Series
18.625"w (474mm) x 7.50"h (191mm)

White Plastic with Blue lettering. Mounted via double-faced tape (attached). These signs meet ADA specifications for use with Area of Rescue Assistance systems.

SN-P42L (Left Arrow)
SN-P42R (Right Arrow)
SN-P42F (Front - No Arrow)

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