Product Specification Sheet APS477

Rev. 07/2013

4200 Series Audio-Visual Area of Rescue Assistance System

4201B/V Standard Anti-Vandal Remote Station

4201B/VM Mushroom Button Anti-Vandal Remote Station 

A-4204 4-Station
Master Station (shown)

4200 Series Audio-Visual Rescue Assistance Systems

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) now being enforced, requires a Rescue Assistance System in all newly constructed multi-story commercial buildings and public accommodations to provide a means to request evacuation assistance in the event of an emergency. The ADA also applies to significant renovations or alterations of existing multi-story facilities. 

The most effective solution is the Alpha Communications® / Cornell 4200 series audio-visual Rescue Assistance System, which signals the need for evacuation assistance. The 4200 series includes voice communication which is initiated by simply depressing the call station button, which transmits the signal to a master station. A single pulse tone and a flashing light signals the caller that the alarm has been received. The master station may then talk to the caller. The caller need not take any other action to communicate with the master station, which is an important feature when a caller is under stress in an emergency situation. For additional safety, a live 'fault' lamp will signal at the central (master) station, if the wiring has been faulted. 

The 4200 series is designed to accommodate up to 44 remote locations for each master station. The smallest master station is a 4-unit and the capacities increment in groups of 4 to a maximum of 44 (or more with custom-sized masters). Master and remote stations are made of rugged Stainless Steel and Anodized Aluminum. Master stations emit a loud, clear tone signal that commands an immediate response. 

The master station operator, upon receiving a call station signal activates a Zone button that illuminates both a flashing Red LED and a Green 'voice' LED. By depressing and releasing the 'Talk' button, voice communication is established for as long as required.

Upon completion, the appropriate zone button is depressed again; however the flashing Red LED continues. If more than one zone is signaling, the master station accepts the call(s) in the same manner. When the emergency is resolved, the master station operator pushes a Reset button and restores the entire system to stand-by status. In the event of a wiring fault, each annunciator button is equipped with a Yellow LED that will illuminate, and an alarm will sound, identifying the zone requiring service.

The standard audio-visual (anti-vandal) remote call station is the model 4201B/V. The 4201B/V is designed for indoor or outdoor use. The 4201B/V features a metal call button, heavy duty speaker and tamper-resistant mounting screws, and is designed for indoor or outdoor use. The new model 4201B/VM is the same as the 4201B/V except for a large Red Mushroom head call button. Both models fit neatly into a two gang electrical box (or plaster ring).

Each master station is powered by a model# B-5243A power supply. The B-5243A power supply contains the back-up batteries and battery charger required or specified. Because of the critical nature of these systems, the battery back up should be used only as temporary power until this system can be connected to the building's emergency generator, should there be one.

We also offer a complete line of Rescue Assistance Signage. This includes a series of battery powered room identification signs, brand new photoluminescent signs, as well as direction and location signs. These signs meet ADA specifications for use with Areas of Rescue Assistance. See our specification sheet APS478 for more information on the signage available.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The Area of Refuge (Area of Rescue) system(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Cornell 4200 audio-visual series or approved equal. It shall have push-button controlled circuits and LED indicator lights for call functions.

At the master location, contractor shall furnish and install one (1) model A-42xx master annunciator (xx=number of zones from 4 to 44 in multiples of 4) with the appropriate flush backbox. Each A-4200 series master station shall have one (1) alternate action switch with internal LED indicator for each zone, to allow for positive call-in recognition, when activated, as well as a 'Talk' button. Each master station shall emit a minimum sound level of 90db at 30cm. A Yellow LED light on the master will illuminate and the alarm will emit a repeating sound if any of the supervised lines are faulted. Each master station shall be constructed of natural anodized aluminum, with permanently silk screened designations on the panel as well as a designation strip.

At each of the remote call-in locations, contractor shall furnish and install a model 4201B/V (anti-vandal) indoor/outdoor remote station or model 4201B/VM remote station with large Red Mushroom head call button, and its associated flush electrical back box (or plaster ring).  Remote(s) shall consist of one (1) momentary switch with LED, built-in speaker, and one (1) audible alarm device with a minimum sound level of 90db at 30cm. Remote shall have Call-Placed and Call Answered L.E.D. indicators. 

Contractor shall furnish and install one (1) model# B-5243A combination power supply and battery back-up unit, for each master station, complete with metal housing.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes (and A.D.A. regulations).

Principle of Operation
Activity At Master  At Remote
Standby Mode  No Light/Tone  No Light/Tone 
Alarm Sent Steady Red LED /  Intermittent Tone
Lighted Button / One Time Tone
Alarm Acknowledged / Activated Flashing Red LED / Steady Green Flashing Button / One Time Tone
Intercom ON Push to Talk / Release to Listen Hands-Free Communication
Intercom OFF Flashing Red LED / OFF Access Zone Button Flashing Button
Wiring Fault Yellow LED at  Zone/Intermittent Tone Button will not light

Special Note
Area of Rescue systems are known by several names... these include Area of Rescue Assistance, Area of Rescue, Area of Rescue Assistance, Area of Refuge, Area of Refuge Assistance. These names are basically interchangeable.
System Features
  • ADA Compliant (in many states - check with you local AHJ's)
  • Clear 2-Way (simplex) Voice Communication
  • Hands-Free Voice Reply from Remote Station(s)
  • Supervised
  • Choice of Standard or Anti-Vandal Remotes
  • Choice of Indoor or Outdoor Remotes
  • Battery Back-up (optional)
  • Choice of Master Stations
  • Choice of ADA Compliant Signage available
  • Remotes mount into standard electrical boxes
  • Simple to wire
Wiring Requirements
From the master station to each remote call station run a three (3) conductor #22AWG cable AND one (1) twisted Shielded pair #22AWG cable. Each cable run should not exceed 3,000 feet (914 meters). From the master station to the power supply (B-5243A) run a two (2) conductor #18AWG cable. Cable need not be shielded. Power supply cable run should not exceed 500 feet (152 meters).
Master Station Models / Sizes
 Model Master Station  Flush Backbox
(4-zone)  11.0"H x 10.0"W BB-40: 10.0"H x 9.0"W
11.0"H x 14.0"W BB-41: 10.0"H x 13.0"W
11.0"H x 18.0"W BB-42: 10.0"H x 17.0"W
20.0"H x 14.0"W BB-43: 19.0"H x 13.0"W
20.0"H x 14.0"W BB-43: 19.0"H x 13.0"W
20.0"H x 18.0"W BB-44: 19.0"H x 17.0"W
20.0"H x 18.0"W BB-44: 19.0"H x 17.0"W
20.0"H x 22.0"W BB-45: 19.0"H x 21.0"W
20.0"H x 22.0"W BB-45: 19.0"H x 21.0"W
20.0"H x 26.0"W BB-46: 19.0"H x 25.0"W
20.0"H x 26.0"W  BB-46: 19.0"H x 25.0"W
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