Product Specification Sheet APS468

Rev. 07/2013

NC205-A Audio 'Common' Cable for NC205 Systems

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
NC205 Series Nurse-Call Cables

Alpha Communications® offers several cables to be used as 'common' and 'trunk' cables for the NC205 series nursecall system. There are three (3) individual types available and a fourth version which contains all three (3) 'bundled' together as a single cable. Each model is U.L. Listed NEC Type CL2 or CL3/CM 75C.


2-conductor Shielded 'Audio' Common Cable


4-conductor Power 'Common' Cable


9-conductor 'Selective' Trunk Cable

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The nurse-call cable(s) shall be Alpha Communications® NC205-A, NC205-C, NC205-S and/or NC205-B, or (factory) approved equal. All cables shall be U.L. Listed NEC Type CL2 or CL3/CM 75C.

Cables are designed to be used with the NC205 series nurse-call/emergency-call system(s). Contractor shall select the appropriate cable(s) as required for their specific system wiring requirements. Additional cables may be required, depending upon system configuration, and types of stations and/or devices being used.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical codes. System warranty is void if contractor uses non-approved wire or cables.

NC205-A Specifcations
Description: #18AWG, 2 conductor, (7 str.) BC
Shielding: Alum Poly w/ TC drain
NOM Insulation: .009" PVC
NOM Jacket/Color: .162" Gray
NOM Capacitance: 52 Pf/FT
Conductor Colors: Orange, Red
NC205-C Specifcations
Description: #18AWG, 4 conductor, (7 str.) BC
Shielding: N/A
NOM Insulation: .009" PVC
NOM Jacket/Color: .184" White
NOM Capacitance: 28 Pf/FT
Conductor Colors: Purple, Brown, Green, Blue
NC205-S Specifcations
Description: #22AWG, 9 conductor, (7 str.) BC
Shielding: N/A
NOM Insulation: .007" PVC
NOM Jacket/Color: .195" Gray
NOM Capacitance: 25 Pf/FT
Conductor Colors: Black, Red, Green, Brown, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Purple, Gray
NC205-B Specifcations

The NC205-B cable is the 'bundled' version of all three (3) of the above cables and contains all of the individual jacketed cables with an overall taped strapping, for ease of pulling the individual wires as one. This cable is normally all that is needed for the 'enhanced' type room stations. Standard type room stations and Duty stations require additional common/trunk wiring.

NOTE: Depending upon types of stations and/or devices being used, additional cable(s) may be required! Check the NC205 system wiring diagram(s) for more details, or consult the factory.

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