Product Specification Sheet APS460

Rev. 07/2013

537A / 537E / 537T Video-Intercom Kits (2+2 Wires)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The video-intercom system (kit) shall be Alpha Communications® / Elvox '537' series or approved equal. Entry intercom/camera station shall be 'Economy' Style surface mount type (model 537E) or flush vandal-resistant metal button style (model 537A) or flush (Patavium style) Brass (model 537T). System shall be powered by a lowvoltage plug-in transformer (provided in each kit), and each kit shall contain a model 537C video-intercom monitor and 100' (30.5m) of special connecting cable. 

Contractor shall furnish and install a (compatible) electric door release, and related components, if required. Where required, contractor shall furnish and install an optional model PK407A specialty door release relay unit. 

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

'537' Series 2+2 Wire Video-Intercom Kits

The Alpha Communications® / Elvox™ '537' series video-intercom kits are low cost residential/commercial video entry security systems. The wiring from the inside monitor to the door camera remote station is only 2 wires plus a coax (2+2), and each kit comes with 100 of this combination cable. A low voltage transformer connects to the inside monitor station and also comes included in each kit. No additional transformer is needed if a 16VAC electric door opener is used. Simply run a 2-conductor cable from the 16VAC door opener to the door remote station!

There are three (3) types of door stations available and a surface backbox (model 320P) is available to surface mount the vandalresistant door station, if needed. Each kit can have an additional video-intercom monitor station (model 537M) added at a later date or an extension inside handset (model 537C).

The optional PK407A door opener relay allows connection to other voltages and types of door openers.

  • Requires only 2+2 Wires for Intercom, Video, Electronic Tone and Door Release
  • Powers from low-voltage transformer (included in kit)
  • Choice of Three (3) Different Entry Station Models
  • Electric Door Release capability from any inside monitor
  • Expandable to a 2nd inside monitor station
Wiring Requirements
Run the special 2+2 conductor cable from the Door Station to the inside monitor station. Run a separate 2-conductor #18AWG cable from the Door Station to the optional 16VAC electric door opener, up to 50 feet.

NOTE: the audio/video and door opener cables must be in separate jackets and not in the same cable jacket. See system wiring diagram for more complete wiring information.

Kit Models Available
  • 537A 1-Monitor / Flush Vandal-Resistant Door Station
  • 537E 1-Monitor / Surface 'ECONOMY' Door Station
  • 537T 1-Monitor / Flush (Patavium) Brass Door Station
Optional Accessories
  • 537C Extension Inside Handset with Door Release Capab.
  • 537M Add-on Inside Monitor with Door Release Capab.
  • 320P Surface Housing+Rainhood for Vandal-Res. Station
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