Product Specification Sheet APS459

Rev. 07/2013

VT420B / VT420C Video-Intercom Panel Modules with 'MOVING' Camera

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The entrance video-intercom panel module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® VT420C series. It shall contain as many engraved plungers as there are suites or areas to be called using the CM490 series add-on button modules. AM190D directory panels are to be supplied to accommodate an equivalent number of tenant names. 

Each module shall include a weather-resistant speaker/microphone mounted behind louvered grilles and perforated aluminum material to protect them from damage. Each module shall contain a built-in 'MOVING' camera in Color, protected by a domed polycarbonate window. 

All mounting screws shall be tamper resistant. The panel shall be flush (or surface) mounted and shall be finished in natural anodized aluminum. Contractor shall supply building owner/manager with a model S1 screwdriver for future directory name maintenance.

VT420C Color Apartment Video-Intercom Entrance Panel Modules With 'MOVING' Camera

The Alpha Communications® VT420C Series Color Apt. Video-Intercom Entrance Panel modules are designed to be used with the CM490 series button modules and AM190D directory modules, to provide a complete building video-intercom entrance panel. 

Both modules are equipped with model TE-TT voice frequency response speaker and electret condenser microphone, both protected by a louvered grill and perforated aluminum material. The VT420C models have a built-in Color 'MOVING' camera, both with a protective domed polycarbonate enclosure.

The VT420C is normally used with the VHC25MS series video-intercom monitors.

  • Built-in 'MOVING' camera with protective domed enclosure
  • Weather-resistant speaker and electret microphone
  • Hands-free loud-speaker (or optional handset)
  • Tamper resistant mounting screws (on panel frame)
Dimensions: OF190 Series frame: 19" (456 mm) height (width depends upon no. of modules)
Modular extruded anodized aluminum
Housing: OH190 series flush OF190S series surface
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