Product Specification Sheet APS447

Rev. 04/2016

RY912 12-Line Relay Board (Telephone Entry Series)

Model RY912 12-Line Relay Board
For use with TE903NP or TE904NP Master Stations
or witH DPH100W Concierge Phone
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Relay board(s) shall be Alpha Communications┬« model RY912 and shall be compatible with the TE903NPTE904NP and/or DPH100W series lobby/concierge/guard stations and PM900 or PM904 central control unit(s).

For 'no phone line' service capability system shall include all of the required components of a standard Telephone Entry System, plus IH996 Relay Board Cabinet (for each 96 lines/telephones), RY912 Relay Board (1 per 12 lines/ telephones), and a CT925 Connector Cable Assembly (1 per RY912). All equipment should be located in the telephone room. Local phone company shall provide and install the required RJ71C (12 line) interface jack(s) required (1 per RY912).

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes and F.C.C. regulations

RY912 12-Line Interface Relay Board

The Alpha Communications┬« RY912 12-Line Interface Relay Board is designed to provide 'no phone line capability' when interfaced with the Alpha Communications┬« TE903NP, TE904NP or DPW100W (concierge/guard) master/phone stations, and PM900 OR PM904 control cabinet(s).

One (1) RY912 is used for each 12 (or fewer) remote telephones that need to be connected to the telephone entry system. Each RY912 requires a model CT925 connecting cable and a customer supplied RJ71C phone jack (usually installed by the local phone co.).


  • Provides 'No Phone Bill' (aka 'No Phone Line') capabilities for up to 12 remote telephones (each)
  • Simple plug-in connections to IH996 housing



PM900 / IH996
10.50"W x 14.50"H x 6.50"D (267mm) x (369mm) x (166mm)

Required Components
  • TE903NPTE904NP Surface Mount Telephone Entry System/Master
    • or DPW100W Concierge/Guard Telephone Station
  • CT925 Connector Assembly (1 per RY912)
  • IH996 Relay Board Cabinet (96 lines)
  • PM900 Control Unit (1000 lines)
  • PM904 Mini Control Unit (48 lines)
  • RY912 Relay Board (1 per 12 lines/telephones)
  • SS106 Transformer (1 required for each PM900, each PM904 and each TE903NP and/or TE904NP
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