Product Specification Sheet APS427

Rev. 07/2013

DO-407 Electric Door Opener (Mortise)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
DO-407 Electric Door Opener Mortise Type - Steel

The Alpha Communications® DO-407 electric door opener is a low cost mortise type door opener that is designed to be used primarily in metal or wooden door frames. It is designed to install into a standard ANSI type cutout. 

The DO-407 can be used in right-handed or left-handed installations, simply by turning the door opener upside down, during installation.

When used with an 8-16VAC input, the DO-407 makes a buzzing sound, when activated. When used with a 3-6VDC input, the DO-407 activates silently.

  • Installs into Standard ANSI Cut-out
  • Operates on 8-16VAC or 3-6VDC standard
  • Buzzes on AC operation and is silent for DC operation
  • Reversible for right-handed or left-handed installations
  • Used primarily with Wooden door frames
  • Non fail-safe operation standard
  • 1000 Lbs. Holding Force
  • Tested for 300,000 Cycles
  • Horizontal Adjustment Screws to compensate for misalignment
Faceplate: DO-407 faceplate measures 1.25"W (32mm) and 4.875"H (124mm).

NOTE: Many options are available for the DO-407 door opener, including different voltages (AC and DC), different finishes, availability of continuous duty activation, fail-safe operation, etc.

Alpha Communications® carries a complete selection of electric door openers for virtually any application. Please contact our sales dept. or more detailed information.

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