Product Specification Sheet APS420

Rev. 04/2015

TA301I / TA303I / TA209I / TA330I Panel Handset Modules

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' and Engineers' Specifications
The panel handset module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® (TA301I or TA303I or TA309I or TA330I), or approved equal. Handset(s) shall be heavy-duty 'payphone' type ABS Black handsets with 26" (660mm) long 'armor' cord. Handset(s) shall have the proper speaker / microphone components for the intercom amplifier for which they are being used. Handset mounting module(s) / backplate(s) shall be extruded aluminum (AM190) type and shall fit into the standard OF190 series panel frame(s).

Handset shall sit onto 'dead-hook' type cradle. All models shall provide 'duplex' type voice communications.

ADD FOR OPTIONAL CALL-DOWN SIGNAL FROM APT. STATIONS TO PANEL: Contractor shall furnish and install a Model R2007I electronic Alphatone call-down signal to allow apartment stations to signal concierge/doorman panel (on systems with this capability).

TA301I / TA303I TA309I / TA330I Panel Handset Modules

The Alpha Communications® TA301I, TA303I, TA309I and TA330I panel modules are designed to be installed into the OF190 series panel frames, in place of standard speaker / microphone components. These modules are utilized in systems where voice privacy is required at the calling panel, in place of the standard openvoice (loudspeaking) type of speaker equipment. All models feature 'duplex' voice communication. The TA301I is used on intercom systems using the NH201TVA or NH201TT (or similar) intercom amplifier. The TA303I is used on intercom systems using the NH200A (or similar) intercom amplifier. The TA309I is used on intercom systems using the NH209TT (or similar) intercom amplifier. The TA330I is used on intercom systems using the Elvox type speaker/microphone.

All units feature a heavy duty ABS (Black) pay-phone style handset mounted onto an AM190 aluminum panel module, with an 'armor' cord and metal dead hook style handset cradle. The internal speaker/microphone components installed into these handsets is determined by the intercom amplifier with which the handset will be utilized.

All models can be customized for specialty speaker/microphone components and can be made with Push-To-Talk Buttons, standard rubber coiled cords, live cradle switches, mounted on different types and sizes of mounting plates and are available with optional Grey, White or Beige colored handsets.

  • Heavy Duty ABS (Black) Pay-Phone Style Handset
  • Solid Metal 'Dead-Hook' Type Handset Cradle
  • Handset Built onto AM190 Aluminum Panel Module
  • 26 Inch (661mm) 'Armor' Cord to Resist Vandalism
  • Exceptional Voice Fidelity
  • Works with a Variety of Apartment Intercom and VideoIntercom Entry Panels and Systems
  • Installs into Standard OF190 Series Panel Frames
Dimensions: 4.0"W (102mm) x 16.5"H (420mm)(AM190 module size--not actual handset size) NOTE: Can be made in a 14.75"H (375mm) size to fit OF200 series frames and desk cabinets. Specify size needed when ordering.
Options: Grey, White or Beige Colored Handsets, special speaker/microphone components, custom sized backplate or panel modules, 'live' hook type cradle switch, 'Press-To-Talk' push-button, conventional rubber coil cord and R2007I electronic call-down signal.
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