Product Specification Sheet APS407

Rev. 07/2013

RP138 Clear Plastic Protective Cover for SF067

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The water-resistant cover(s) shall be Alpha Communications®/Tektone RP138 or approved equal. The water-resistant cover(s) shall provide protection against water damage for the SF067 wireless miniature pendant transmitter(s).

The water-resistant cover(s) shall be made of clear, flexible, molded plastic to allow the user to press the SF067 call button and observe the call transmission/battery test LED.

The water-resistant cover(s) shall have an adhesive seal completely surrounding the edges and provide a reinforced hole to allow a neck chain to be passed through it.

RP138 Clear Plastic Protective Cover for SF067 Pendant Transmitter

The Alpha Communications® RP138 Water-Resistant protective Cover provides the SF067 Wireless Miniature Pendant Transmitter with water-resistant protection for usage in wet or moist environments when pendant call capability is needed.

It is made of clear, flexible, molded plastic that complete encases the SF067, but still allows the call button to be pressed as well as the call transmission/battery test LED to be observed.

The RP138 also has a reinforced hole for a neck chain to be attached and has an adhesive seal that completely surrounds the edge of the case. The design of the RP138 makes it easy to install by simply peeling off the adhesive covering and folding it over the SF067. The RP138 is not re-usable once it has been closed and opened.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built-in (peel off) adhesive seal
  • Clear - allows LED to be observed
  • Flexible - allows call button to be pressed
Height: 3.00" (77mm) Width: 1.80" (46mm) Depth: 0.75" (19mm)
Clear Plastic
Required Components
  • SF067 Wireless Miniature Pendant Transmitter
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