Product Specification Sheet APS406

Rev. 07/2013

Product Display (Demo) Boards (Non-Working)

D-2448B Wall Display Unit
D-2419B Wall Display Unit
D-2448B Wall Display Unit

Alpha Communications® features a complete line of hanging wall display unit, featuring their intercoms, video-intercoms, nursecall systems, and various signalling systems and devices.

Stocking distributors, that have a showroom, may qualify for several different programs where they can receive these displays at little or no cost!

Shown on this page are our two (2) most popular models, but we can also customize the equipment on the display, or the actual display, where required.

Most displays, including the ones shown herein, are non-working type, eliminating the possibilities of feedback, and eliminating the need for electric to power the display.

24.00"W (610mm) x 19.00"H (483mm) x 3.00"D (77mm) Black Mica front inside natural anodized aluminum mounting frame
24.00"W (610mm) x 48.00"H (1220mm) x 2.25"D (58mm) Black Mica front inside natural anodized aluminum mounting frame

Important Note
Components shown on these display units are for illustrative purposes only and may be changed without notice, due to component availability, etc
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