Product Specification Sheet APS400

Rev. 07/2013

ST-FOOT Momentary Foot Pedal Switch

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The momentary foot pedal switch unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® model ST-FOOT or approved equivalent.

Foot pedal switch unit(s) shall be SPST momentary type (normally open). Unit shall be provided with a six (6) foot flexible connecting cable, in a matching Grey finish. Cable shall have 3- #18AWG conductors (Black and White for normally open connections and Green for ground if needed). Foot pedal shall be non-skid type.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

ST-FOOT Momentary Foot Pedal Switch
The Alpha Communications® model ST-FOOT momentary foot pedal switch can be used with a variety of intercom and control systems. The ST-FOOT is normally used in applications such as bank teller windows, ticket windows, drive-thru fast food restaurant windows, operating rooms, x-ray rooms and other places where the operator cannot use their hand(s) to operate an intercom or control device.
  • Rugged Momentary Electrical Switch Component
  • Non-Skid Pedal Finish
  • Comes with heavy duty 6 foot grounded cord
  • 'Normally Open' switch mechanism
Electrical Specifications
Switch: 6.0"W x 8.75"H x 0.50"D (153mm x 223mm x 13mm)
Cord/Cable: 4.75"W x 7.50"H x 2.75"D (121mm x 191mm x 70mm)
Finish: Grey painted finish
Pedal Unit: Non-Skid Pedal Unit
Mechanical Specifications

 Dimensions:  3.50"H x 2.63"W x 1.00"D (89mm x 67mm x 26mm)
 Weight:  2.0 lbs. (909 grams)

Optional Model
  • ST-FOOT-P Same as model ST-FOOTexcept it has a 1/4" male phono plug at the end of the cable instead of wire pigtail leads.
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