Product Specification Sheet APS397

Rev. 07/2013

SM201K / SM201KP Intercom Kits

SM201B Master


SS102A Transf.
(in SM201K Kit)

SS105B Transf.
(in SM201KP Kit)


SM201K / SM201KP Intercom Kits

The Alpha Communications® SM201K and SM201KP intercom kits are extremely economical master/remote intercoms for door entry or any other application requiring a single master and a single remote intercom station. The SM201B master does not have an 'auto shut-off' feature when monitoring the remote, so it can be used to monitor the remote for as long as required. 

The master station has a built-in amplifier and electronic tone signal and it easily mounts right on the surface of the wall. A builtin momentary door release button allows hook-up to your own 16VAC (or other low voltage door opener (depending upon transformer/relay used). The outdoor remote station surface mounts directly on the wall, and requires only 2 wires. 

Each kit includes 1- SM201B master station, 1- ES01S Aluminum outdoor remote station with included plastic surface box with built-in rainhood (and with separate EC105 capacitor) and 1- S1 special screwdriver. The SM201K includes a pigtail type 16VAC transformer (our model SS102A). The SM201KP includes a plug-in type 16VAC transformer (our model SS105B). 

An optional IH400A desk cabinet allows the master station to be mounted on a desk or table top. The optional PK407A door opener relay allows connection to other voltages and types of door openers.

  • Requires only 2-Wires for Intercom and Tone from Remote
  • Powers from low voltage 16VAC transformer
  • Built-in Electronic Tone Signal
  • Built-in Momentary Electric Door Release Push-button
  • Modern Styling


SM201B Master:
5.00"W (127mm) x 7.00"H (178mm) x 1.38"D (36mm) from surface of wall.
ES01S Remote:
3.25"W (83mm) x 6.875"H (175mm) x 1.375"D (35mm) from surface of wall.

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The intercom system (kit) shall be Alpha Communications® model SM201K or SM201KP, or approved equal.Master station(s) shall be surface mount and shall include a built-in voice amplifier, electronic tone signal and momentary electric door release push button. Master shall be powered by a (pigtail or plug-in) 16VAC transformer. Outdoor remote station with built-in rainhood, supplied in the kit, shall be the model ES01S (with separate EC105 capacitor). SM201K kit shall include the (SS102A) pigtail type transformer and SM201KP kit shall include the (SS105B) plug-in type transformer. 

Both model kits shall include a model S1 screwdriver for installation and maintenance of the vandal-resistant screws supplied with the SM201B master.

Contractor shall furnish and install a (compatible) electric door release, and related door release power supply, if required.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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