Product Specification Sheet APS384

Rev. 07/2013

R2006 / R2007 Series Alphatone™ Chime Tone Units

Model R2007 Shown

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Alphatone™ chime tone unit(s) shall be Alpha®/S.T.R.™ R2006 or R2007 or approved equal. 

The R2006 shall be used with the HT2006 series handsets when one (1) or more door stations need to send an audible signal to any of the inside handsets. 

The R2007 shall be used an any HT2000 and/or HT3000 series handsets, when the electric buzzer needs to be replaced with a more pleasing sounding chime/tone unit,or as a stand-alone tone unit.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

R2007 Operating Voltages:

9-12VDC (polarity sensitive) or 8-16VAC (no polarity)

R2006 / R2007 Series Alphatoneâ„¢ Units

The Alpha®/S.T.R.™ R2006 and R2007 Series Alphatone™ units are designed to work with our HT2006, HT2000 and HT3000 series handsets, respectively. 

The R2006 units work only with the HT2006 series handsets, and are used when there is one (1) or more door entry stations that need to send an audible tone signal to any of the inside HT2006 handset stations. Typically the R2006 units are used in intercom or video-intercom systems, using the NH208TVU intercom/door station power supply/amplifier. 

The R2006 Alphatone™ units simply plug onto the pin assembly, found inside the HT2006 handset on the PC board. The actual tone mechanism is provided with a selfstick tape to allow it to be mounted inside the handset casing. 

The R2007 units work with almost any of the HT2000 and/ or HT3000 series handsets, and are used when you wish to change the electric buzzer, to a warble chime tone sound instead. They can also be used as stand-alone signaling devices, or to replace buzzers found in other manufacturers handsets or equipment. 

The R2007 Alphatone™ unit has two (2) wire leads with push-on connectors. Simply remove the single screw that holds the buzzer in place, slide off the two (2) buzzer wire leads, screw the R2007 in place of the buzzer, and place the wire leads where the buzzer wire leads were originally installed. When used as a stand-alone signaling device, you can snip the connectors off of the wire leads and splice to the wires directly

  • Easy Installation
  • Operates on AC or DC power
  • Adjustable potentiometer for chime tone sound adjustment
Model R2006 Shown
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