Product Specification Sheet APS376

Rev. 06/2018

TZ1003 / TZ1006 Desk Adapters (HT2000 and HT3000 Series)

Series Desk Adapter
(shown in Anthracite color: model TZ1003A)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The desk adapter(s) shall be Alpha Communications®/S.T.R.™ TZ1003 or TZ1006 series, in (White, Grey, Ivory, Brown, Titanium or Anthracite) color.

Desk adapter(s) shall have a sloped base made of high-impact ABS plastic, weighted with two (2) steel weights and provided with rubber feet, to minimize slippage.

Desk adapter(s) shall have a color-coordinated flexible connecting cable, with sufficient number of internal wires (conductors), for the type of handset (station) and system being used.

Contractor shall install as per manufacturers instructions, and shall observe all local and national electrical codes.

TZ1003 / TZ1006 Series Desk Adapters

The Alpha Communications®/S.T.R.™ TZ1003 and TZ1006 Series desk adapters are designed to work with all of the HT2000 and HT3000 series handsets, to allow them to mount on a desk or table top. 

The TZ1003 series is designed to work with the HT333HT2001, HT2003, HT2009, HT2011, HT3003HT3009, HT3011 and HT3033 series entry type handset stations. The TZ1006/5 series is designed to work with the HT2006/5 series 5-call button type handset stations.

The TZ1006/5 series is designed to work with the HT2006/10 series 10-call button type handset stations. Basically, all TZ1006 units are the same as the TZ1003, except the flexible connecting cable has more individual wires (conductors) contained in the cable. 

All TZ1003 Series desk adapters feature a sloped handset base, weighted with steel weights, rubber feet and a flexible multiconductor connecting cable. Choose from White, Grey, Ivory, Brown, Titanium or Anthracite colors, indicated by the suffix letter(s) associated with the colors.

The TZ1003 series can also be used (without the included cable) as a sloping desk adapter for use with AlphaECall™ 100 Series Master Stations and or AlphaLINQ™ that need to be desk mounted, and for other similar devices and systems.

  • Easy Handset Installation
  • Weighted base keep handset in place
  • Rubber feet minimize handset slipping
  • Available in White, Grey, Ivory, Brown, Titanium or Anthracite color
Models Available

TZ1003 Series: Use with HT2001, HT2003, HT2009HT2011, HT3003, HT3009HT3011, HT3033 and HT333 series handsets

Colors available:
WH = White IV = Ivory GR = Grey BR = Brown T = Titanium A = Anthracite

TZ1006/5 Series: Use with HT2006/5 series handsets

Colors available:
WH = White IV = Ivory GR = Grey BR = Brown BK = Black

TZ1006/10: Use with HT2006/10 series handsets

Colors available:
W = White I = Ivory G = Grey B = Brown K = Black
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