Product Specification Sheet APS374

Rev. 07/2013

AM100 / AM190 Blank Panel Modules

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The blank panel module(s) shall be Alpha Communications®/Tektone AM100, AM190 or XAM120 series, depending upon the frame/housing being used. 

The alphabetical directory panel module(s) shall be Alpha Communications®/Tektone AM100D (50 name) or AM190D (60-name) series, depending upon the frame/ housing being used. 

Each module shall be 4.0" (102mm) wide modular style and shall be made of heavy duty extruded aluminum with a clear (natural) anodized finish. The directory type modules shall also include a sheet of clear polycarbonate (Lexan®*) and aluminum bottom stopper, to prevent the directory strips from falling out the bottom, when the module is out of the frame. 

The module(s) shall be used with the appropriate panel frame and housing as required. 

*Lexan® is a registered trademark of the General Electric Co

AM100 / AM100D and AM190 / AM190D and XAM120 Blank/Directory Modules

The Alpha Communications® AM100, AM190 and XAM120 series blank panel modules are specifically designed for use with the OF200, OF190 and IH200 series panel frames and housings respectively. They are used when blank modules are needed to fill empty spaces in these housings and frames, or for moutning specialized equipment.

The Alpha Communications® AM100D (50-name) and AM190D (60-name) series directory panel modules are specifically designed for use with the OF200 and OF190 series panel frames and housings respectively. They are used with various intercom and video-intercom system, when alphabetical direcory modules are needed to be provided with the lobby panels, or as stand-alone directories.

  • Modular design
  • Heavy duty extruded aluminum
  • Easily Accessible
  • Simple Installation
System Components


AM100 / AM100D
4.00"W x 14.75"H (102mm x 385mm)

AM190 / AM190D
4.00"W x 16.50"H (102mm x 420mm)

4.00"W x 10.35"H (102mm x 263mm)

Modular extruded, anodized aluminum
OF190 series frames used with AM190 and AM190D, OF200 series frames used with AM100 and AM100D, IH200 series desk cabinets used with XAM120.

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