Product Specification Sheet APS364

Rev. 07/2013

VM420 / VT420 Vandal-resistant Video-Intercom Panel Modules

VM420 Module
VT420 Module
VM420 / VT420 Vandal-Resistant Series Apartment Video-Intercom Entrance Panel Modules

The Alpha Communications® VM420 and VT420 Vandal-Resistant Series Apt. Video-Intercom Entrance Panel modules are designed to be used with the CM490 series button modules and AM190D directory modules, to provide a complete building video intercom entrance panel. 

VM420 modules are equipped with a mylar, voice frequency response speaker and model MI004 electret condenser microphone, both protected by a louvered grill and perforated aluminum material. VT420 modules are equipped with a model 930A speaker/microphone assembly, protected by a louvered grill and perforated aluminum material. Both models have a built-in black and white CCD camera, protected by a polycarbonate Lexan® window. 

The VM420 is normally used with the VM104 series video-intercom monitors. The VT420 is normally used with the 5601 and 5661 series (or similar) video-intercom monitors.

  • Vandal-resistant panel and Lexan®* polycarbonate camera window
  • Weather-resistant speaker and microphone
  • Hands-free loud-speaker (or optional handset)
  • Tamper resistant mounting screws (on panel frame)
OF190 Series frame: 19" (456 mm) height
(width depends upon no. of modules)
Modular extruded anodized aluminum
OH190 series flush
OF190S series surface
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The entrance video-intercom panel module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® VM420 or VT420 Vandal-Resistant series. It shall contain as many engraved plungers as there are suites or areas to be called using the CM490 series add-on button modules. AM190D directory panels are to be supplied to accommodate an equivalent number of tenant names. 

Each module shall include a weather-resistant speaker/microphone mounted behind louvered grilles and perforated aluminum material to protect them from damage. Each module shall contain a built-in black and white CCD camera, protected by a Lexan® polycarbonate window. 

All mounting screws shall be tamper resistant. The panel shall be flush (or surface) mounted and shall be finished in natural anodized aluminum. Contractor shall supply building owner/ manager with a model S1 screwdriver for future directory name maintenance.

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