Product Specification Sheet APS352

Rev. 08/2013

PM311C / PM312C Pillow Speaker Intercom Modules

Model PM312C

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Pillow Speaker Intercom Module(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone Model PM311C, PM312C or approved equal. The PM311C module(s) shall be designed for use with NC300II series IR319B patient station; the PM312C shall be designed for use with NC300II series IR320B patient station.

When used in conjunction with the appropriate Alpha Communications® pillow speaker, PM311C and PM312C modules shall provide for two-way (simplex) intercom through the pillow speaker. When used with Alpha Communications® / TekTone SF401P Pillow Speaker or SF401 Call Cords, standard IR319B/IR320B patient station operation shall resume. 

All electronic components necessary for this function shall be mounted on a printed circuit board which shall be mounted to the IR319B or IR320B station. Plug-in type connectors shall be provided.

The PM311C and PM312C shall be UL 1069 Listed (when used with the IR319B/IR320B patient stations). Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

PM311C / PM312C Pillow Speaker Intercom Modules

Model PM311C

The PM311C and PM312C Pillow Speaker Intercom Modules are for use with the NC300II Nurse Call System's IR319B/IR320B Patient Stations and SF401DIG Pillow Speaker. The modules provide for reliable, two-way hands-free communication from the pillow speaker to the NC304 Master Station. Calling the nurse is accomplished by pressing the push button identified by the nurse symbol. Call placed assurance is indicated by the yellow LED at the patient station(s).

If the pillow speaker is removed from its receptacle during communication, the call is transferred to the patient station speaker. If the pillow speaker or call cord is removed from its receptacle while not in use, a non-cancellable call is registered at the nurse master station. If desired, standard SF401 Call Cords may be used with the IR319B/IR320B stations.

  • UL® 1069 Listed (when used with the IR319B/IR320B patient stations)
  • Provides hands-free pillow speaker intercom
  • Solid state multiplex circuits
  • Simplified multiplex wiring using plug-in type connectors
  • TV and Radio control from SF401DIG Pillow Speakers
  • Supports standard SF401P Pillow Speaker and SF401 Call Cords
  • Mounts directly to IR319B (single) and IR320B (dual) patient stations
Height: 0.50" (13mm)
Width: 5.00" (127mm)
Depth: 1.78" (46mm)
PC board with quality electronic components
Plug-in connectors mounted to IR319B/IR320B Patient Stations
Plug-in type
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