Product Specification Sheet APS339

Rev. 08/2013

IR704B / IR704BD / IR804A Indoor Remote Stations

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
Indoor remote station shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone IR704B, IR704BD or IR804A or approved equal. Unit(s) shall be used with the PK724 system amplifier or EK714W AM/FM Music-Intercom master station. Connections shall be positive screw terminals type. Stations can be flush, surface or desk mounted with appropriate housing(s). Units shall be finished in White ABS plastic.

The IR704BD unit(s) shall function the same as the IR704B, except that it also has a momentary electric door release button, for locations requiring remote electric door release capabilities. Contractor shall provide a model S1 screwdriver, for system maintenance. Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

IR704B / IR704BD / IR804A Indoor Remote Stations
The IR704B, IR704BD and IR804A Indoor Remote Stations combine modern styling with ease of operation to provide natural, clear voice communication. The stations are designed for use in home and office, and similar applications, are used with the PK724 amplifier and EK714W AM/FM Master Stations. The operation of the stations is simple and efficient. The caller, by pressing the 'Inside' button can send a voice message to all other inside receiving stations at once. To answer, the 'Inside' button must be depressed at the receiving station, to reply. 

Pressing the 'Monitor' button acts the same as the 'Inside' button, except it locks down, allowing all of the inside receiving stations to 'monitor' the station with the monitor button depressed. Depressing the 'Outside' button allows communication to the outdoor remote station(s), and hands-free reply, until it automatically turns off after approx. 30 seconds. The IR704BD also has a 4th button which is a momentary electric door release button.

The IR704B and IR704BD stations are the lowest cost models available and have a 3.50" (89mm) speaker, and are fine most system applications. For better music fidelity, or to cover a larger existing wall opening, the IR804A may be used. The IR804A is functionally the same as the IR704B, but with a larger, 4.0" (102mm) x 6.0" (152mm) speaker, and larger faceplate.

  • Simple, push button operation
  • Automatic Privacy on all inside stations
  • Modern styling
  • Clear voice quality
(IR704B / IR704BD)
7.00"H (178mm) x 5.00"W (127mm) x 0.63"D (17mm)
7.13"H (182mm) x 9.13"W (232mm) x 1.50"D (39mm)
Attractive, flame retardant type ABS plastic. White color
Positive screw terminals
(IR704B / IR704BD)
Desktop: IH400ASurface: IH700W Flush: IH101 box or IH102 ring
Desktop or Surface: IH401Flush: IH110R ring
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