Product Specification Sheet APS334

Rev. 08/2013

OH190 Series Flush Panel Backbox/Housing for OF190

OH192 (2 module) Flush Housing (shown)
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The OH19X flush panel backbox/housing(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model OH19X approved equal (x=number of panel modules). It shall be made of heavy gauge galvanized steel. Contractor shall provide the required OF19X series flush panel frame(s) (x=number of panel modules). 

The OH19X series flush backbox/housing is complete with standard electrical knockouts on top, bottom, and back of housing. to allow for wire entry.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes, and contractor shall provide a model S1 special screwdriver for future system maintenance.

OH190 Series Flush Backbox/Housing for OF190 Series Aluminum Panel Frames

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone OH19X series flush backbox/housings are made of heavy gauge galvanized steel. They are designed to be used with the OH19X series aluminum panel frames.

These backboxes/housings are used with a variety of apartment entry intercom and video intercom lobby panel modules, as well as specialty and annunciator modules.

Electrical knockouts are provided on the top, bottom and back of these units.

Available Models

NOTE: All models are 17.25"H (439mm) and 4.00"D (102mm) into finished wall. NOTE: Sizes larger than OH194 are non-stocked, special-order items.

  • OH191: 1 Gang 4.50"W (115mm)
  • OH192: 2 Gang 8.50"W (216mm)
  • OH193: 3 Gang 12.50"W (318mm)
  • OH194: 4 Gang 16.50"W (420mm)
  • OH195: 5 Gang 20.50"W (521mm)
  • OH196: 6 Gang 24.50"W (623mm)
  • OH197: 7 Gang 28.50"W (724mm)
  • OH198: 8 Gang 32.50"W (826mm)
  • OH199: 9 Gang 36.50"W (928mm)
  • OH1910: 10 Gang 40.50"W (1029mm)

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