Product Specification Sheet APS302

Rev. 07/2015

1450 Series Horizontal Style Private Distribution Mail Boxes

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Private Distribution Front-Loading Horizontal mail boxes shall be Alpha Communications®/Florence 1450 series, or approved equal. Mail boxes shall be constructed of extruded aluminum, with smooth finish. Mail boxes (and all related accessories) shall be finished in (Nat. Anodized Aluminum or Gold Anodized Aluminum or Duranodic finish). Contractor shall provide any key keepers and (D400 series) alphabetical directories as required for a proper installation, in a matching finish to the mail boxes.

Mail box compartments shall have permanently engraved door numbers, and each compartment shall be provided with a 5-pin cylinder lock, with 2 keys per lock. Locks shall be available with a minimum of 1,000 possible key combinations. Master door shall be equipped with a private 'master' lock for insertion of mail by the facility.

Contractor shall install as per local and national building codes.

1450 Series Horizontal Style Private Distribution Mail Boxes
The Alpha Communications® 1450 series front-loading horizontal style mail boxes are designed for use in larger installations NOT SERVICED BY THE U.S. POSTAL SERVICE, such as dormitories, military installations, mail receiving centers, colleges, taxicab dispatch centers, ballet studios, etc. They are constructed of the same heavy-gauge aluminum as the 1400 and 1500 series. They meet all USPS regulations except for those related to compartment size, so they cannot be used in locations requiring USPS approved mail boxes or serviced by the Postal Service. The 1450 series features a (single height/single width) door that is 3.0"H x 6.375"W and is designed to most effectively use limited wall space. The 1450 series is available in groups of 9, 10, 11 or 12 compartments high and 3, 4, or 5 compartments wide. 

All compartment doors come equipped with 5-pin cylinder locks with 2 keys per lock. 1,000 key combinations are provided to avoid possible duplication, and to maintain security. 

These boxes are designed to be fully recessed into an 18" deep wall., and have a 'master' door (with private master lock) that swings open to allow insertion of mail from the front of the unit, by the facility, and retrieval through the front by the tenant/resident. Choose from standard finishes of Natural Anodized Aluminum or Gold Anodized Aluminum. Duranodic (Bronze) finish is available at extra cost, all on a special-order basis.

  • Private Distribution style for Front-Loading (NON USPS)
  • Made of Rugged Extruded Aluminum with Smooth Finish
  • Available in sizes of Nine (9) to Twelve (12) High and Three (3) to Five (5) Wide
  • Includes Private Master Lock
  • Available in Natural or Gold Anodized Aluminum, or Duranodic Bronze (special-order)
  • Each Compartment Door Number is Permanently Engraved
  • 5-pin Cylinder locks provided for each compartment with 1,000 possible key combinations.
  • Multi-sized compartments available at extra cost
  • Comes complete with matching snap-on trim
Models Available
  • 14509 Series: 9 Compartments High. 
  • 145010 Series: 10 Compartments High.
  • 145011 Series: 11 Compartments High.
  • 145012 Series: 12 Compartments High.

*NOTE: Add suffix 'AE' to end of model number for Nat. Alum, 'GE' for Gold Aluminum or 'DE' for Duranodic.
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