Product Specification Sheet APS297

Rev. 07/2013

6941 and 6942 Power Supply Units (DigiBUS Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The main system power supply shall be Alpha Communications® /Elvox™ 6941, or approved equal. The system booster power supply unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® /Elvox™ 6942, or approved equal. The model 6941 shall feature built-in diagnostic LEDs for system operation status. All power supplies shall be surface mount (12-DIN type) housed in grey thermoplastic material. These power supplies are provided with protective covers for removable terminal blocks. Primary power shall be 120V, 60Hz and units shall feature protection against short-circuits and thermal protection with PTC; maximum absorbed power 60VA.

Contractor shall install as per manufacturers instructions and shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

6941 (200 unit) Main Power Supply

The Alpha Communications® 6941 power supply is used with the (Digi-Bus™) digital-dial concierge intercom and/ or the digital-dial apartment entry intercom system(s), for up to the first 200 apartment handset stations (users), 50 digital distributors, 2 entry panels or 1 entry panel and 1 switchboard. Also, one additional unit is required for approximately every additional 200 handsets (users).The 6941 features stabilized supply with short-circuit protection, frequency-modulated electronic all circuit, call exclusion on activation of phonic line, "power-on" indicator led, "door lock release control" indicator led, "phonic line" indicator led, indicator leds for auxiliary functions 1 and 2 and relay connection outputs for auxiliary functions. The 6941 mounts on DIN support or with expanding plugs with screws.

Dimensions: Height: 5.30" (135mm)
Width: 8.20" (208mm)
Depth: 2.85" (72mm)  from mounting surface
6942 (200 unit) Booster Power Supply

The Alpha Communications® 6942 booster power supply is used with the Digi-Bus™ digital-dial concierge intercom system(s), for installations with more than 200 handset stations (one unit required for approximately every 200 users.) Provides a stabilized 13.5V D.C. voltage output with short circuit protection. For use in building complex installations and/or with porter switchboards.

Dimensions: Same as Model 6941 (above).
  • Operates directly from 120VAC, 60Hz current
  • Removable screw terminal blocks
  • LEDS indicating operation status
  • Protects against short-circuits and thermal protection with PTC
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