Product Specification Sheet APS295

Rev. 07/2013

HS-8T 32 Watt Paging/Talkback Horn (Aluminum)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Paging/talkback horns shall be Alpha Communications® model HS-8T, or approved equal. Horn shall be made of aluminum housing, and shall have inputs for 8-ohms, 25 volts, or 70 volts, with adjustable wattage taps for the line transformers. Horn(s) shall have a frequency response of 350 to 14,000 Hz. and shall include an adjustable, swivel mounting bracket.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

HS-8T Paging/Talkback Horn
The Alpha Communications® HS-8T paging / talkback horn is a low-cost indoor / outdoor unit that can be used with a variety of public address and intercom systems. Each HS-8T horn can handle up to 32 watts of audio power (Nominal) and 60 watts (Peak). Choose from 8 ohm connections, or built-in 25 volt and 70 volt line transformers, with several wattage tap settings available. The HS-8T is made of an aluminum housing, and comes complete with a swivel mount bracket for wall or pole mounting. Depending upon the system it is used with, the HS-8T can be used as a talkback speaker (usually in the 8 ohm mode).

A frequency response of 350 to 14,000 Hz. assures crisp-clear communication, and even basic music capability.

  • High Intelligibility
  • Wide Frequency Response
  • Choose from 8-Ohm, 25 Volt or 70 Volt Inputs (built-in line transformer)
  • Built-in Swivel Mount Bracket
  • Indoor and Outdoor Installation
Wiring Requirements

See individual system wiring diagram for more complete wiring information.

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