Product Specification Sheet APS294

Rev. 02/2014

NC267 Wireless Pendant Receiver Unit - Maintained Contact Type

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The wireless receiver unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® NC267 or approved equal digital UHF receiver. Receiver(s) shall use the 303.875 MHz frequency for signal reception. No physical wiring connections to the transmitter shall be required to receive a call and the device shall include an antenna and a mounting bracket. The receiver(s) shall have a minimum of 252 user programmable code settings, via an easily accessible dipswitch. The receiver, upon receipt of a signal from the WP067 or approved equal, shall actuate an internal latching relay. The relay shall provide a dry 'Form C' circuit with COMMON, NORMALLY OPEN, and NORMALLY CLOSED connections, which shall be accessible from a clearly marked terminal strip. The relay shall be rated for a minimum of 32 VAC of VDC @ 1 amp (NEC Class 2 Circuit).The receiver shall provide a latch reset button.

Contractor shall supply the model SS12C (12VDC) power supply, and shall follow manufacturer's instructions and observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

NC267 Wireless Single Channel Receiver with Latching Contact
The NC267 Wireless Single Channel Receiver with Latching Contact is a digital UHF receiver for use with IR250 Series (or other compatible) Patient Stations in conjunction with the WP067 Wireless Miniature Transmitter. It allows the user to place a 'Monitor' call by simply depressing the button on the transmitter. This allows users to place calls within areas of a dwelling that are not directly near nurse signalling devices should the need arise. The latching relay circuit can be reset by pressing the button on the NC267 device.

The NC267 requires no wiring connections to the transmitter and operates on the 303.875 MHz frequency. It provides a dry 'Form C' relay circuit to integrate with the IR300 Series Patient Station. A simple, easy-access dipswitch programming method allows for up to 252 individual transmitter/receiver code combinations.

  • Wireless call reception from transmitter
  • Digital UHF operation
  • 252 transmitter code settings with easy dipswitch programming
  • Dry 'Form C' NEC Class 2 Relay Circuit

Height: 3.80" (97mm) Width: 4.90" (125mm) Depth: 1.30" (33mm)
12 VDC, 0.12 W Standby and 0.48W Active
303.875 MHz 
Encoding Technique:
Pulse width A-1 modulation at 250 bits/second; four correct 8-bit words required for activation.
Metal Bracket, included
Beige with light texture

Required Components
  • WP067 Wireless Miniature Transmitter
  • SS12C 12VDC Plug-In Power Supply
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