Product Specification Sheet APS276

Rev. 07/2013

NC394 Alphanumeric Pocket Pager

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

Alphanumeric pager - shall be a Alpha Communications® / TekTone NC394 or approved equal. It shall have a large one-line character display and shall be capable of storing up to 16 messages. The unit shall have a three button design for ease of operation and shall provide a variety of tones and vibrating modes for page annunciation. A matching holster with a belt clip shall be provided with each unit.

The NC394 can be programmed to receive patient call information from Alpha Communications® NC 205 Nurse Call Systems via Alpha Communications® NC365A/AT Transmitter/Control Unit, as well as from Alpha Communications® NC300 Nurse Call Systems. The alphanumeric patient call system shall be displayed as generated by the nurse call system and the pager shall generate annunciation either by sound or by vibration.

NC394 Alphanumeric Pager

The NC394 Alphanumeric Pager is a radio pager receiver with large one-line display, and is designed for use with Alpha Communications® NC205 Nurse Call Systems as well as Alpha Communications® NC300 Nurse Call and HC345C Emergency Call Systems. The NC394 will store up to 16 messages. Messages may be selectively deleted or locked into memory. Messages not locked into memory are automatically deleted as new messages arrive beyond the 16 message limit, with the oldest message being the first deleted. The unit can be configured for "private time" for automatic suppression of annunciation during designated periods where call reception is not desired. The unit has three individual alarms which can be enabled for onetime or daily annunciation. The display is backlit for viewing under low-lighting.

The NC394 has been programmed to receive patient call information from Alpha Communications® NC205 Nurse Call System via Alpha Communications® NC365A/NC365ATransmitter/Control Unit, as well as Alpha Communications® NC300 Nurse Call System and HC345C Emergency Call System.

  • Alphanumeric Display
  • One line display with scrolling ability
  • Easy to use three button design
  • Audible alert as well as vibrate alert configurable
  • Matching belt-clip holster

(Not Including Holster)
Height: 2.0" (51mm)
Width: 2.7" (69mm)
Depth: 0.7" (18mm)
Construction: Electronic components surface mounted on PCB enclosed in an ABS plastic housing.
Operating Freq.: 457.550 MHz
Operating Voltage: 1.5 vDC (AAA cell)
FCC ID #: E969789
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