Product Specification Sheet APS274

Rev. 07/2013

Alpha Page LT™ Pocket Pager System

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.

Alpha Page LT™ Master Control Module

Model PGR-AL924
Alphanumeric Pocket Pager
Alpha Page LTâ„¢ Pocket Pager System

The Alpha Page LT™ from Alpha Communications® is a low cost interface and paging system designed to monitor a single dry contact (switch, relay, etc.) and send a numeric page to one or more pocket pagers when the contact closes. This can be used in nursing applications to inform mobile nursing personnel that a patient has placed a call. Other uses include security and fire alarm applications, equipment monitoring, and status monitoring. A contact closure from any source can be used to trigger a page. With Alpha Page LT™ there are no monthly charges for paging since the user owns the transmitter and pagers. Pages can be sent over distances of up to one mile (line of sight). The Alpha Page LT™ interface (model #MLS-AP-LT) has two modes of operation, maintained and momentary. The mode is selected with a two position switch on the interface unit. In the maintained mode, the system is monitoring for a maintained (steady or pulsing) contact closure. When a closure occurs the system will transmit, once every minute, a numeric page until the contacts re-open.

In the momentary mode, the system is monitoring for a momentary contact closure (such as a panic switch in security applications) and will send a numeric page each time a closure is detected.

In either mode, the transmitted message is a four digit counter indicating how many calls/alarms have occurred. The pager(s) will beep each time a page is received.


Wire Termination: Screw terminals (4)
Signal Input: 
Single dry contact
Data Output for Transmitter:
6P-6C modular RJ-11 (RS232)
Message Type: Numeric counter (0000-9999) 
Power Supply for MLS-AP-LT:
Wall transformer, 12VDC (included)
Power Supply for Transmitter:
Wall transformer, 12VDC (included)
Paging Range:
One mile maximum (line of sight)
Maximum Number of Pagers:
MLS-AP-LT Dimensions:
4.50"L x 2.75"W x 1.50"H
Transmitter Dimensions:  8.50"L x 4.25"W x 8.00"H

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