Product Specification Sheet APS272

Rev. 07/2013

LI804 Remote Dome Light Station (RS800 Series)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Dimensions: Height: 4.56" (116mm)
Width: 4.56" (116mm)
Projects: 3.00" (76mm) from mounting surface
Bulb: Type 1829, 28V, min. Bayonet Mt. (replacement bulb model# LI028)
Power Req: 24VDC, 210mA
Mounting: Standard double gang plaster ring or Electrical Box
Base Finish: Fog White flame retardant ABS plastic
Lenses: Flame retardant translucent polycarbonate plastic (Red, Green, Amber) Flame retardant translucent polystyrene plastic (White)
LI804 Remote Dome Station

The Alpha Communications® LI804 Remote Dome Station is designed to work with the RS800 Room Status System. The LI804 provides control and indication of patient examination status. When used in conjunction with the SF804 four (4) button control station, the doctor's office staff will be able to determine the status of all patients at a glance. Additional inputs are also provided for signaling of 'code' calls and emergency calls to the RS816 Master Station (and optional RS840 expander).

  • Micro-controller technology
  • Snap in color lenses
  • Easy bulb replacement without the use of tools
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Plug-in type connectors
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Remote Dome Station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model LI804 or approved equivalent. The dome light shall be sectional in design and include a "RED", "GREEN", AND "AMBER" translucent flame retardant polycarbonate plastic lens, and a "WHITE" translucent flame retardant polystyrene plastic lens. All lenses shall be mounted on a fog white flame retardant ABS plastic base panel. The lenses shall be removable without the use of any tools for ease of bulb replacement. The four (4) bulbs in conjunction with the different colored lenses shall provide indication of patient examining room status. 

The LI804 shall be a stand alone unit and shall provide the necessary micro-controller and associated communications circuitry for direct connection to the RS816 Master Station. Connections shall be of the plug-in type. The LI804 shall also interface with an SF804 room control station, to monitor for button presses. The LI804 shall communicate with a Master Station using the RS485 type interface. The LI804 shall also optionally interface with the SF155B (EMERGENCY) and SF156B (CODE) pull/push stations for signaling code and emergency calls to the master station. The contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

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