Product Specification Sheet APS271

Rev. 07/2013

PK800A Room Status/Auxiliary Power Supply Unit

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The RS800 system power supply unit(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model PK800A or approved equivalent. The power supply shall provide two outputs +5VDC and +24VDC. Each PK800A power supply shall be capable of providing power to one (1) RS816 Master Station and eight (8) LI804 Dome Lamp Remotes. These electrical requirements are specified at a 100% duty cycle. The PK800A (with IH151N housing) can also be used in conjunction with the PK152 nurse-call control unit, to provide auxiliary power.

The PK800A Power Supply shall be capable of a direct short at its output terminals without causing damage to the power supply electronics. When the short is removed from the power supply output, the PK800A shall electrically recover from the shorted condition, and continue to operate in a normal fashion, after the replacement of the fuse, if required.

The PK800A shall be mounted in an aluminum case and positive barrier screw terminals shall be used for wire connections. The AC input to the power supply shall be 24VAC / 100 VA / 60Hz, supplied by a model SS100 power transformer.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

PK800A System Power Supply

The Alpha Communications® / TekTone PK800A Power Supply provides DC power for the RS800 Room Status System, or can also be used in conjunction with the PK152 nurse-call control unit to provide auxiliary DC power. Both of the outputs, +24VDC and +5VDC are protected from shorts that might occur at its output. When the shorts are removed, the power supply shall recover and operate normally. A 4-amp fuse protects the input of the power supply. The PK800A Power Supply will maintain its output for approximately 2 seconds after removal of its input power. This feature prevents the loss of RS800 functionality during periods of brief power interrupts. When used with the PK152, the PK800A should be installed inside a model IH151N (UL) surface enclosure.

  • Compact design
  • Protected from shorts at the outputs
  • Maintains output for brief period after removal of input power

Dimensions: Height: 10.63" (270mm) Width: 3.50" (89mm) Depth: 2.50" (64mm)
Aluminum Extrusion case with Internal circuit board
Positive Barrier Screw Terminals
4 amp 
Usage: Used to provide power to the RS800 System Components or as an auxiliary power supply to be used in conjunction with the PK152 control unit.

NOTE: One (1) PK800A power supply is required for each RS816 master station, or each eight (8) LI804 remote dome lamps. Each PK800A power supply requires 1- model SS100 power transformer.

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