Product Specification Sheet APS267

Rev. 07/2013

Alpha Log™ Pocket Paging System

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.

Alpha Log™ Pocket Paging System
Model MLS-SPU1 With PT-IP Transmitter Shown

Model PGR-AL924
Alphanumeric Pocket Pager
Alpha Log™ Pocket Paging System

Alpha Log™, from Alpha Communications®, is a data logging and paging system for health care, security and industrial applications. Call or alarm signals from nurse call systems, security systems, access control systems, motion detectors, industrial equipment, etc., are connected to the interface unit. The interface will monitor up to 256 call/alarm signals (individual wires). The interface unit is linked to a personal computer running Alpha Log™ Windows™ software. When an event occurs (patient call, triggered smoke detector, etc.) the Alpha Log™ software records on the personal computer's hard drive what event has occurred and when it occurred. Users can then set up reports and review data for a particular day, group of days, for a particular shift, all rooms, a single room or a group of rooms. Also, performance reports can be created showing average response time and long calls (nurse call). All reports can be printed on paper. As each event occurs, an alphanumeric description of the event is immediately sent to pocket pagers. In nurse call applications, patient calls are sent to nursing personnel via pocket pagers further enhancing patient care. Other applications can be run on the personal computer while Alpha Log™ is running.The Alpha Log™ paging and call logging system allows health care facilities to monitor and improve the nurse call response their patients receive. As an added feature, alphanumeric messages can be typed on the computer screen and sent to a specific person's pocket pager. This eliminates the need for repeated, annoying overhead voice pagers. The interface unit's electronics are contained in a custom designed 18 gauge painted metal enclosure with hinged cover and six (6) 1/2" knockouts. The enclosure is designed for surface wall mounting (and contains mounting holes).


Wire Termination:
Screw terminals
Signal Input:
AC/DC voltage, dry contact (steady or pulsing)
Message type/max. size: Alpha-numeric/40 characters
Interface Power Supply:
Wall transformer 12 VAC (included)
Transmitter Power Supply:
Wall transformer 12 VDC (included)
Paging Range:
One mile maximum (line of sight)
Maximum Pages: Unlimited 
Interface Unit Dimensions:
20" W x 13" H x 5.5" D
Paging Transmitter Dimensions:
8.5" L x 4.25" W x 8.0" H
PC Requirements:
  • (1) 3.5" drive 
  • (1) serial port 
  • 10 MB min. Hard drive 
  • Windows™ 3.1 (or comp.) 
  • Printer (optional)
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