Product Specification Sheet APS265

Rev. 07/2013

Alpha Page™ Pocket Pager System

Alpha Page™ C.E. & Cabinet MLS-SPU1
(shown with 1 MLS-32L board installed)


Maximum Alarm Signals:
Type of signal:
Dry contact, DC voltage (12-24VDC) ,AC voltage (9-24 VAC)
Wire Gauge:
#18-28 AWG 
Data Output:
9-pin Male, RS-232 (DTE) 
Power Supply:
12 VAC, 20 VA transformer
Power Consumption:
125mA idle, 750mA transmitting
Power Backup Battery:
12V, 7 Amp-hour rechargeable lead-acid
Memory Backup Battery:
3V lithium, 20mm coin type, 100mAh
Power Fusing:
PTC Self-resetting thermal 
Operation on Backup Power:
Up to 36 hours
Maximum Pages:
Message Type/Max:
Alphanumeric / 40 characters 
20" W x 13" H x 5.5" D 
19.5 lbs. 
Wire Access:
Six (6) 1/2" knockouts 
Surface / Wall 2 round holes / 2 key holes
Alpha Pageā„¢ Pocket Pager System

The Alpha Page™ pocket page system, from Alpha Communications®, can be used to monitor nurse call or alarm signals from nurse call systems, fire alarm systems, access control systems, security systems, industrial machinery and other sources. Signals that can be used to trigger pages include dry contacts, AC voltages or DC voltages. The system accepts up to 256 inputs in multiples of 32. The system can be expanded at any time. The user may program an alphanumeric message for EACH input (up to 40 characters each) using a standard computer keyboard and the built-in 80 character back-lit LCD module. With the addition of a PC and optional software, messages can be sent to a specific pager (person) since you program a cap code for each message. Messages can easily be changed at any time. Messages are protected from erasure due to power failure via a built-in replaceable lithium battery with a life span of up to 10 years.

With Alpha Page™, there are no monthly service charges for paging, since the transmitter and pagers are customer owned. The transmitter will send messages up to one mile away (line of sight) and are sent within 5 seconds from the time the call/alarm occurs. Pages can be received at any place even within a large building. The system contains a built-in 12 VDC, 1 Amp power supply and is powered by a 12VAC, 20VA transformer. The entire system (including transmitter) may operate with battery backup by simply adding the optional 12V, 7 Amp-hour rechargeable battery. The system contains a built-in battery charger.

Model PGR-AL924
Alphanumeric Pocket Pager
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