Product Specification Sheet APS254

Rev. 07/2013

SS911 Tamper-resistant Remote Station (RM5000EX / CB901EX Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The remote station(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Ring model SS911 or approved equivalent. Remote(s) shall have clear two-way communications. Remote(s) shall feature a tamper-resistant design to protect the speaker, microphone, LED, call button, and circuitry from external abuse and the elements. Remote faceplate shall be made of high quality 11 gauge Stainless Steel, in a brushed finish.

Remote(s) flush mounts in a 3.50" deep three gang electrical box (our model BBF910) with four tamper resistant screws (not included), or can be surface mounted using a model BBS910 surface back box. Remote is designed to work with the RM5000EX and/or CB901EX microprocessor intercom systems. When used as a elevator remote station, calling to the AND16 series annunciator, each SS911 requires the contractor to furnish and install a model AN912 annunciator control module.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

SS911 Tamper-Resistant Remote Substation

The SS911 is a tamper-resistant remote station designed to protect the speaker, microphone, LED, call button, and circuitry from external abuse and the elements. This remote station is ideally suited for use in elevator, correctional facilities, institutions, parking facilities and secured entrances. The SS911 is designed to work with the RM5000EX and/or CB901EX microprocessor intercom systems.

The face plate is constructed of high quality 11 gauge Stainless Steel with a brushed finish. The weather-resistant 45 ohm speaker is physically protected by an offset baffle and the microphone is encased in a machined block to prevent tampering. For a wider viewing angle and considerable security, the LED is mounted behind .250" thick LUCITE. Heavy duty piezo call switches offer strength and reliability with no moving parts to wear out.

Remote(s) flush mounts in a 3.5" deep three gang electrical box (our model BBF910) with four tamper resistant screws (not included), or can be surface mounted using a model BBS910 surface back box.

When used as a elevator remote station, calling to the AND16 series annunciator, each SS911 requires a model AN912 annunciator control module.

  • Clear two-way communications
  • Tamper-Resistant Stainless Steel
  • Call button and L.E.D. Indicator
  • Easy installation
  • Simple home-run wiring

Dimensions:  6.375" (162mm) W x 4.475" (114mm) H x 3.00" (77mm) D
1.5 lbs 
Finish: Brushed finish 
Material: 11 gauge Stainless Steel
  • Surface Housing: BBS910 
  • Flush Mounting: BBF910 3.50" deep three gang electrical box with four tamper resistant screws (not included) 
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