Product Specification Sheet APS250

Rev. 12/2013

AND16 16 Point Annunciator Unit (RM5000EX / CB901EX Series)

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The 16-point Annunciator(s) shall be Alpha Communications® / Ring model AND16 or approved equivalent. Annunciator(s) shall be made of stainless steel, and shall be flush or surface or desk mounted with the appropriate (BBF863 or BBS863 or BBD905housing.

Annunciator(s) shall be supervised type and shall have illuminated indicators for opens, shorts, blown fuses and power interruptions.

Annunciator(s) shall be used with the PRO700, RM5000EX or CB901EX series microprocessor intercom systems. All remote stations shall require the use of the appropriate remote alarm circuit interface units.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical codes.

AND16 - 16 Point Annunciator and Line Monitoring System

The AND16 Annunciator Panel is designed to be used in conjunction with the PRO700, RM5000EX or CB901EX intercom systems equipment for applications requiring audible/visual annunciation from calling station locations. Specifically designed for use as an elevator communications system in such areas as nursing homes, retirement homes, security and door status systems. For greater security, the system automatically and constantly supervises the cables for opens, shorts, blown fuses and power interruption. LED indicators instantly identify these problems.

The AND16 Annunciator Panel may be used in conjunction with the PRO700 or the central exchange models RM5000EX or CB901EX and the call-in interface (AN600, AN900, AN912, AN912RR or AN912EAR) for each point or staff station requiring annunciation, to a maximum of two AND16 displays. An intercom master station will be required for any voice communication. AND16 displays may be ganged together for larger configurations. Contact factory for custom display requirements.

  • 16 Lighted (supervised) Annunciator points
  • Can be ganged together for larger requirements
  • Simple wiring
  • For indoor use
  • Can be Flush or Surface Mounted with appropriate housing
  • Simple to install
Operating Voltage: 20V - 27V
Dimensions: Depth: 1.60" (40mm) 
Width: 5.50" (140mm) 
Height: 9.90" (250mm) 
Weight: 1lb. (454g)
Back Boxes:

LED indicators: Power-Green, Call-Yellow, Shorts-Red, Opens-Red, Fuse-Red.
Max. Power Consumption: Four LED-130ma, eight LED-210ma, twelve LED-290ma, sixteen LED-370ma.
Controls: On/by pass-toggle switch, tone volume, Screwdriver adjustable, electronic tone. 
Wiring Requirements: Between Central Equipment and AND16Power-1 twisted pair Display-1 conductor for each LED (annunciator point).
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