Product Specification Sheet APS237

Rev. 07/2013

SQLK-8L Tamper Resistant Recessed Speaker Baffle

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The tamper-resistant speaker baffle(s) shall be Alpha Communications® Model SQLK-8L or approved equal. Baffle(s) shall be made of heavy cast aluminum finished in an epoxy painted White finish, reinforced with a sturdy perforated steel plate that prevents damage to the loudspeaker cone. Baffle(s) shall be supplied with tamp-resistant mounting screws and contractor shall provide a model HRP832 screwdriver for future system maintenance. Baffle(s) shall be compatible with standard 8 inch round speakers. Speaker(s) shall be (recessed or surface) wall mounted.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

SQLK-8L Tamper-Resistant Recessed Speaker Baffle

The Alpha Communications® SQLK-8L is a square baffle designed to mount standard 8" loudspeakers in areas where abuse to the speaker is anticipated. It may also be adapted to mount various re-entrant horns. It's one-piece heavy cast aluminum is reinforced with a sturdy perforated steel plate that prevents damage to the loudspeaker cone. For maximum security, tamper-resistant spanner screws are supplied for mounting the grille directly to the protective enclosure or mounting device.

The SQLK-8L is finished in semi-gloss White epoxy finish. The finished outside dimensions (O.D.) are 9.50" (241mm) square.

The SQLK-8L may be used with the model P875X-4 recessed enclosure, or CB84 surface enclosure, or LBS8-R1 ceiling tile bridge assembly.

  • Heavy cast aluminum with painted White epoxy finish
  • Comes with tamper-resistant mounting screws
  • Accommodates standard 8" round speakers
  • Can be recessed or surface mounted
  • Very competitively priced
  • Model P875X-4 Flush mount enclosure for SQLK-8L.
  • Model CB84 Surface mount enclosure for SQLK-8L.
  • Model LBS8-R1 Tee-Bar ceiling tile support bridge (optional). Use for weak or flimsy ceiling or ceiling tiles. Helps distribute weight of speaker over a larger area. Used for safety mounting of speakers. Fits into ceiling tile metal grid.
  • Model HRP832 Spanner screwdriver for use with tamperresistant mounting screws provided.
  • Model SP008 Standard 8" (8-ohm) round speaker
    • or Model SP008T Same as SP008 with 70 volt line transformer included.
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