Product Specification Sheet APS236

Rev. 07/2013

IH008 / PH8-1 / TB8X Ceiling Speaker Rings and Accessories

Model TB8X Shown
Model IH008 Shown Model PH8-1 Shown
Ceiling Speaker Assembly (showing IH008 mounting)
SQLK-8L Tamper-Resistant Recessed Speaker Baffle

The Alpha Communications® IH008, PH8-1 and TB8X ceiling speaker accessories are designed to provide quick and secure mounting of the RB8S and RB8ST (series) ceiling speakers.

The IH008 mounting ring is designed for mounting 8" (diameter) speakers in tile or sheetrock ceilings. They may be split and threaded into a 10.0" (diameter) hole. Ideal for suspended ceilings. It may be used with the optional PH8-1 protective enclosure.

The TB8X is made of Flamex (U.L. rated 94 V-O) flame retardant material and is designed for supporting speaker assemblies in Tee-Bar acoustical tile ceilings. The TB8X device places the weight on the Tee-Bars and supports the acoustical tile material when fully assembled. It may be used with the optional PH8-1 protective enclosure.

The PH8-1 protective enclosure may be used with either the IH008 or TB8X devices. It is designed to totally enclose and protect the recessed side of the speaker. There is no metallic resonance, and it mutes sound above ceilings or in walls. In addition, there is a 1/2" conduit knockout in the top of the PH8-1. ideal for acoustical tile or drywall ceiling installations.

Ceiling Speaker Assembly (showing TB8X and PH8-1 mountings)
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