Product Specification Sheet APS233

Rev. 07/2013

NC311 Multi-Channel Multi-purpose Station (NC300 and HC345C Series)

Architects' And Engineers' Specifications

The Multipurpose, Multi-Channel Station shall be Alpha Communications® / TekTone model NC311 or approved equal. Unit is designed to provide audible, visual and digital communication to and from the central processing equipment, including the nurses' master station/CRT. Each channel, (12 Max.), shall be capable of supporting remote devices such as switches, contact closures, speakers, or other signal originating devices. No operator controls or indicators shall be provided with the multipurpose stations. All station electronics shall be mounted in a metal electrical box to be mounted in the remote location. All connections to external signaling devices shall be plug-in type. The NC311 and wiring from the central equipment shall be supervised.

Each NC311 can support up to six (6) of the PM300/2 (2-channel) multipurpose modules, which plug into the NC311 cabinet.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

NC311 (12 Channel) Multipurpose Multi-Channel Station

The NC311 Multipurpose, Multi-Channel provides for audible, visual, and digital communications to and from the NC300 / NC300II System CPE when receiving or sending signals to remotely connected devices. The NC311 includes inputs for contact closures and all types of NC300 System emergency call switches, for up to 12 channels/addresses. It also provides outputs to speaker and paging amps, and dome or zone lights. It does not have controls, LED's, or speakers normally associated with NC300 / NC300II patient, staff or duty stations. 

Each NC311 can support up to six (6) of the PM300/2 (2-channel) multipurpose modules, which plug into the NC311 cabinet.

Some practical applications for the NC311 are as follows: provides input for code emergency call stations in an ICU; a PA amp interface for the nurse call master; a control point for entry/exit doors and narcotics cabinets; provides input for bath emergency call stations in public bath areas; provides input/output to a remote door intercom station for access control.

  • Fully supervised
  • LSI/Microprocessor design
  • Solid-state multiplex circuitry
  • Simplified multiplex wiring using plug-in type connectors

11.625" H x 11.50" W x 3.75" D
(295mm x 292mm x 95mm)
Steel enclosure
Plug-in type (PM300/2) boards 
Multiplex (see WM300 or WM300B cable spec sheet APS194)
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