Product Specification Sheet APS213

Rev. 07/2013

9686 Multi-Purpose Remote Control Unit

This Specsheet is for a product which is discontinued. Please contact us for alternative products.
  • Simple Operation
  • Multiple uses
  • Security applications
  • Door opening
  • Remote control
Architects' And Engineers' Specifications
The multi-purpose Remote Control Unit shall be Alpha Communications® / Stento model #9686 or approved equivalent. The control unit shall be housed in a ABS plastic box and cover, finished in Black and shall be 3.75" H x 6.50" W x 1.35" D. The unit connects to station wiring, plus 1 pair #22 AWG for 24VDC (plus inputs and outputs). The unit shall have two 24VDC, enclosed relays. The remote control unit shall mount on wall at MDF or a remote location. The #9686 unit shall operate on all 9200 and/or 9600 series intercom systems.

Contractor shall observe all local and national electrical and building codes.

9686 Multi-Purpose Remote Control Unit
The Alpha Communications® #9686 is a multi-purpose relay control unit designed to provide remote control functions in a 9200 and/or 9600 series intercom system. It can be wired in series with a remote substation. When the substation is called from a master, a relay pulls to provide SPDT contacts. Contacts hold as long a station is connected. The #9686 has a second relay with SPDT contacts that only works when then first relay pulls. The second relay can be activated by another push button on the master to control functions after conversation is established or the unit is selected. The #9686 will operate on all 9200 and/or 9600 series intercom systems to control such things as doors and cameras.

ABS plastic box and cover, Black finish
3.75" H x 6.50" W x 1.35" D (95.25 mm x 165.1 mm x 35.6 mm)
Two 24 VDC, 240 MW, enclosed
Screw terminals
Rated at 1 amp @24 V DC/AC (2) for "C" contacts, SPDT
Connects to station wiring, plus 1 pair #22 AWG for 24 VDC (plus inputs and outputs)
Substation button(s) on master 
Closure (or open) during call conversation with substation, Closure (or open) from 2nd button during conversation
Mounts on wall at MDF or remote location

The #9686 can be operated without a substation
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